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  1. Thank you, posting this made me feel a lot better. =) sadandlost, your relationship with your mom, reminds me of mine with my mom. I would often ask my mom was she was hard on me, moreso than my sister. She would tell me it was because she lost hope of changing my sister. But she wasnt giving up on me. lol dont get my wrong, she loved my sister and was very close to her. But my sister is pretty stubborn, and is also her first born.
  2. I lost my mom almost a year ago. Im 32 years old, and weve always been close. But being the youngest, and her one child thats been pretty lost, she was understandably hard on me. she wanted better for me. so we would fight a lot. But we were always there for each other. I was her care taker, and was by her side when she passed away. We would fight but never failed to be there for each other. My mom has been the closest person to me, and i will always miss her, and think of her. i think of her every single day, and miss her. but i have these ugly moments where i think that its more quiet and we arent fighting anymore. it makes me feel like a horrible person. most days i realize its just negative thoughts. that if i was a horrible person, i wouldnt think about her at all, or grieve her. but some days i feel incredibly guilty. have you guys experienced this after losing a loved one? Or am i just a horrible person? =(