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  1. I lost my baby sister

    Thank you for your reply and advice. I have actually gone to therapy and although i found my sessions somewhat helpful, I don't think they were helping me anymore than talking to my family and friends so I stopped going. I joined this group...does this count as a support group? I'm going to check out those blogs. Thank you I have come to accept the fact that I will always grieve the loss of my baby sister until I am with her again and I,too, try to move forward but find myself longing for past memories and wishing time travel was a reality.... My thought and prayers with you as well...
  2. I lost my baby sister about 8 months ago and I feel the same way....it's like this horrible reality that can't be real....every day I wake up and hope my life these past few months without her has been some horrific dream but every day I wake up and she's not here...I still wait for her to come home or call me and it just doesn't happen....she was 33, two years younger than me, and she was healthy and happy and had a beautiful baby boy...:things like his happened to other people...not us...she died in a car accident. I spoke to her that morning and that afternoon...she was gone. Half of me died that day too....the world just isn't the same...colors aren't as vibrant...there's just no point anymore for me....what keeps me going is her beautiful son who I adore and need to take care of in her honor....people just don't understand.... what you said rings true...your siblings grow with you and they share this unique bond that's is so incredible and meaningful - they're the ones who really know you, who understand how crazy your parents are , and empathize with your frustrations with other crazy family members....they're the ones you have millions of inside jokes with and the ones who would you trust with your life....at least that was my relationship with my sister...if I could I would happily switch places with her so she could be here with her son... i don't think our grief for our loved ones will ever truly ease...I mean how can it when half of us is gone?, but I hope our coping skills improve and we have more good days than bad...I thought only her birthday and hodiayabwould be tough but every day is hard...if someone hasn't lost a sibling they were close with, they just won't understand...it's a fact...time just doesn't heal this kind of pain. And yes like another painter said, having to live another 40/50 years without her, hurts. We were suppose to grow old together...we were suppose to be these old ladies shopping in our scooters in the mall and just laugh and laugh....I don't know what God let this horrible thing happen to her...she was amazing
  3. I lost my baby sister

    I lost my baby sister 2 days after Christmas last year....She was making a left turn and some asshole ran his redlight and his car hit the drivers side door and she died instantly....She was only 33 years old and her 15 month old baby was in the car with her along with other family members who were in town for the holidays. Her son almost died....and everyone else was also hospitalized but she was the only one who passed....they've all recovered and I know that I should be thankful bc it could have been a lot worse but I just can't comprehend why she had to pass.... Her and I were best friends and we spent a lot of time together and ever since that day I feel like half of me died....I live in this world that just doesn't make any sense to me...It's almost been 8 months and I still wait for her to call me or come home...I just can't accept the fact that she is gone....I live in denial. I keep waking up every day and hoping that that day was just a horrible nightmare...but every day that passes, just reinforces the horrible fact that she's truly gone....Time does not heal, time just makes things worse. My sister was only 33 and healthy and happy and she had her whole life ahead of her and I just don't understand why such a horrible thing had to happen to her. She was sweet and kind and loving and she was a nurse who loved taking care of people and helping them get better....and it's just not fair... I'm probably a highly functional depressed person at this point. I go to work and do my job and come home and take care of my family and now her son who's mine now....I have good days but I still have really bad moments...Sometimes pictures break me or a video or just memories of us being together and laughing and having fun....This year was suppose to be fun for us. I had just started a new job in November and she had gotten a raise and we were suppose to travel and have fun...make a whole bunch of new happy memories and now.....I'm all alone... The only thing keeping me going is her son... I feel guilty when I cry bc i want her to rest in peace but I just miss her....I lose her all the time....you guys know what I mean...YOu lose your loved one when you want to call them and tell them about your day...or get their opinion on something...or see what they're up to ...or just want to see them and hug them.... I honestly wish I could trade places with her so she could be here with her baby....It's not fair...