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  1. Why do my dogs keep dying?

    I have a beautiful 5-year-old Maltese named Katana. She has had 7 litters of puppies, but was recently spayed. Her first litter she bred to a Havanese and had one beautiful girl and I named her Kalina and kept her. Sadly, she died at 3 from bacterial septicemia. Her second litter she bred to a Pomapoo and had two puppies. I kept the girl and my friend got the boy. I named her Katerina and she died at just 1 year old from an infection! Her next litter she bred to my friend's Havanese again and had three puppies, which I kept a boy and named him Taku. He died at 2 from pneumonia. The litter after that she bred to a Beabull and had two puppies. I kept a girl and named her Unna, but she died at 2 from a systemic bacterial infection. Her fifth litter she bred to a Miniature Poodle and had just one pup, a boy named Ikaika and I kept him. He is 2 years old and I still have him. He is neutered. Her sixth litter she bred with our neighbor's Beabull again and had another two pups. I kept the girl and named her Nalani. She is just a year old and I've had her spayed. Her last litter she bred to a Boxer and had three pups, which were born c-section and she was spayed at the same time. I kept one boy and named in Makaio. Before Kalina died she got pregnant from a German Shepherd Dog and had a c-section to have a boy, which I kept and named Keet. He is 3 yrs old. Kalina's second litter was with a Jack Russell Terrier. She had 5 puppies and I kept one boy and named him Keto. He is 3 yrs old and I still have him. Kalina's third litter was with a Shiba Inu and all six pups were born dead. Her 4th litter was with my aunt's Jack Russell Terrier again and she had 6 puppies. I kept a boy and named her Tuar. He is a great dog! Kalina's 4th litter was with a Yorkipoo. She had 7 puppies and I kept a girl and named her Skyla. She is just 1 year old. Before his death, Taku bred with my friend's Miniature Labradoodle and she let me keep one of the puppies. I named her Trua and she is just 1 year old. Taku bred with my friend's Shiba Inu one more time before he died and she let me keep a puppy, which I named Nalani. She is only 1 year old, too. Unna bred with my friend's Shiba Inu and all her puppies were born dead. Keet got with my neighbor's Miniature Goldendoodle and they let me have a puppy. I named her Kalia and she is 1 year old. Keet bred with her on her last heat cycle and they had pups and I kept a girl and named her Halyn. She was just a baby when she died of encephalitis. Keto bred with another neighbor's female Mal-Shi and had puppies. They let me keep a boy and I named him Adan. He is still a puppy. Keto bred again with their Mal-Shi on her next heat and they had puppies. The owner gave me one and I named her Vicky, but she died from intestinal issues. Kalia accidentally got pregnant from my friend's German Shepherd Dog and had one puppy, which I named Amaya. All my dogs are now spayed/neutered (that are old enough) and I don't let them breed anymore. However, I am still so sad about the ones I lost. I have lost 5 dogs and two litters in such a short amount of time. It is heartbreaking. I'm happy I still have the 11 that I do. I'm just afraid something bad is going to happen to them! Why would two entire litters of puppies be born dead? That doesn't make sense to me! How can a dog get bacterial septicemia anyway? Where are they getting these infections? I feel like I am cursed!