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  1. In my case I was more concern about finances and he was care free, he always told me to not to think too much about future, live in present. But I was the person who plan everything I don't like if any problem come to my way so suddenly and I had no solution for that. Now I have biggest problem/crisis of my life and I have no plan, no solution, all I am doing is living in present and not thinking about future like he used to tell me. In his last few days, we were planning to buy home ,and having kids, even I was looking for day care near to our place, can you imagine how far I was planning and yet I was not pregnant. Actually, I loved to plan everything but now fate just slapped on my face and teach me to not plan anything, nothing is permanent.
  2. Update: visiting a meduim

    Thanks KMB for your lovely reply and sorry if I am asking too much but you said "we are around the age of 30 in Heaven", does it means that when we go to heaven we will be around 30 years old. I am asking this because my Goli was just 30 year old.
  3. Update: visiting a meduim

    I don't want to hurt anyone but I heard that every spirit get new body and I am afraid what if my Goli get new body when my time comes to go heaven. I just want to meet him, once my time is over here but what if he get new body before my time.
  4. You are really strong person I must say.
  5. Signs

    Hey Manoj You are indian, I am too. Songs i have mentioned was hindi bollywood songs.
  6. Signs

    Francine thanks for your reply, like you mentioned here same thing happened with me just 10 min before. Our water motor was not working from two days and water tank was empty today, i got so frustated and tried everything but it didn't work. After 2 hours, i tried to reach mechanic but it didn't connect then my mom told me to try again if you can fix this then i saw my husband photograph and said "I don't have any words now see how helpless I am without you , you should be here and manage all these things because i cant do it, can't you help me atleast". After that I didn't do anything new i just again plug wire and motor starts working and I have no idea how did it starts because I already did all these. May be this is coincidence but that time I was thinking about your post how Charles helped you , may be my Goli also helped me.
  7. Signs

    You are so true Azipod , everything is POSSIBLE now, if this accident happened with us then anything happen anytime. Same thing happened a month before when i got home and crying so badly after some time my sister got home and sat beside me, her phone was charging that time and so sudden her phone starts playing song and it was " dear please hold for sometime everything will be fine, dear please hold this time will pass" and we both so stunned because we didn't touch phone and how come phone played that song. That was the biggest sign ever for me even my sister considered this sign.
  8. I get back to work after 6 weeks and getting back to work doesn't mean I am able to forget about my husband but it definitely help me to spend my day at least because weekends are more hard for me to spend whole day at home and laying on bed thinking about him.
  9. Signs

    Thanks KayC, yeah it was great comfort for me but for sometime only after some time i want him again. But as you stated its hard for them to send signs so I am happy that he is trying so hard to communicate with me and he is also wants with me in any way. I love him so much but I know he loves me more than I do.
  10. Signs

    Thanks KMB for your kind words. I wait for these signs to communicate if these are really signs, sometime i really doubt but my heart says this is sign so i trust my heart, at least it gives me comfort for sometime.
  11. Signs

    I felt many signs from my husband, i never trust all these things before but now i believe all these things because these little things gives me hope that he can hear me and he is with me . I want to share my today's experience with you all and want to hear your thoughts on this. I just broke down today evening and cried a lot, talk with him and beg him to take me away with him. After some time I asked him give me at least some sign that you are listening to me and i am not only talking to my self, my TV was on that time and after few minutes later a song started playing on TV, song was in my local language but its english meaning is " wherever you go, my shadow will be with you. I may or may not present physically but my shadow will be with you." I was just stunned after listening that song and believe he heard me when I was asking him for sign. Feeling little relief now. What days has come, now to talk with my husband i have to take support of signs.
  12. Don't know what to say

    I really don't understand what he learned at age of 30. We were just started our life and there so more to do , how he can learned something so soon and what he learned.A
  13. This hurts so much

    Crueality of fate.
  14. Don't know what to say

    Do you have any idea why arms muscle aching too much, after this loss i have continued ache in my neck, arms and shoulder. I have no idea why its hurting so much before this i was totally fine normal.
  15. Don't know what to say

    Here it is Saturday morning , again all alone, watching others so excited and i am here in my pain. I really miss my goli, i wish he was here then if i dresses up i would ask him how am I looking and his eyes would say everything. He would ask me about his dress, to help him to get ready, for all small things like socks, tie. I really miss those small moments but nothing in my hand other than cry.