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  1. Will it ever get better?

    You said so true, at the end of the day we missed them so much. Just wanted to be with him, talk with him. From last week I am feeling like I am going backwards, last month I managed so good and thought I can do it but from last week I don't know what happened , I am missing him freaking hard, and just wanted to be with him. I know this journey is roller coaster ride and one day you feel better and the other same day its so worse. From last week I am crying like initial days specially on weekends , weekends scaring me again like initial days, like we used to talk. Life is so hard without him, I wish I can go to him and be with him. Today morning I had chest pain and all I wanted that time to heart failure but my bad luck, pain gone after few hours and I am still alive. Lots of hugs for you.
  2. Seeing a medium?

    Azipod, your post gave me goosebumps, it is so beautiful that your wife was there and contacted you. Hopefully your belief is true and she is with you, sometimes I also believe in all these things but sometimes I really don't, I am so confused. So I am living my life what I think is right and not hurt anyone. But I am glad you felt here presence and signs she provides you, this is so amazing. Lots of hugs from me and My Goli.
  3. I don't want to continue on without him

    Oh i wish that too, I want to erase this year from my life completely. Azipod , I am so amazed to see your progress, you are providing so much comfort to people like us. I remember when we were so new here, your and mine angel date is so close and I remember all those initial days, we both were so shattered, so much in pain , we were so scared about weekends ( we still scared somehow) and discussed about weekends but now you becoming different person in good way and I am sure your wife must be so proud of you. I am glad you are progressing little by little and your words gives comfort to me as well. Thank you so much.
  4. Don't know what to say

    You guys gives me hope that may be my husband also looking me and with me, although I have received many signs from him but still sometime I doubt. From past few days I have not receive any sign or maybe I am not noticing those, but after reading above mentioned experiences I am really hoping that he is with me always.
  5. Bad day

    KMB, no need of any kind of apology and thanks for your quote. I was just away for few days and didn't read many posts. I am reading few posts today and felt that Azipod, Toodevastated and You all mentioned about my absence, it really means a lot to me. Thank you guys for your support and care. Lots of hugs from me and my Goli.
  6. Bad day

    Hi Azipod, I just read your this post today. Thanks for caring, I am ok and doing fine. I made few friends on this forum and they are helping me in this horrible journey , we chat almost daily that's why I was just away for few days. Your post really means a lot, hope you are doing ok too. Lots of hugs for you from me and my Goli.
  7. Bad day

    Yes this is definitely the hardest thing, I never imagined that my body will survive from this trauma but yes I am surviving every single day. I use to tell my husband, if anything happen to you I will die, but here I am alive in my 4th month and it sucks every single day.
  8. Please share your experience, I will wait for your reply.
  9. Don't know what to say

    I saw my husband daily in dreams around 1.5 months, every single night and yes it sucks when you woke up from dream but you can't control on dreams. Now I see him less, but still sometime I see him and morning sucks always when I open my eyes.
  10. Bad day

    I am just 29 , and part of this terrible group. Can't describe my pain, anger, frustation in words. Never thought i will lose him at 30 , this is beyond words.
  11. Struggling

    Sometime I missed him like I can die to see him, its so painful journey, not easy to handle. Why why why he left me for crying, for slow death, its so hard. I can just cry cry cry nothing helps me, hope I die soon.
  12. Seeing a medium?

    I don't have any better weekends not even ok. One of my office friend asked me to go out but i rejected, i just want to hide from world. Last movie me and my husband saw together was coming to TV today and I just broke down that moment. Its remind me how he was so excited to watch that movie, how he was reacting on different scenes. No matter how hard i try to avoid every small thing triggered me.
  13. Bad day

    I don't call this life, its hell and I say when you lost your spouse you learn how to live in hell without dying.
  14. Bad day

    Its Sunday morning here, i did nothing yesterday. Before this weekend time just flies but now its like 2 big crappy days, hard to spend.
  15. Lost my soulmate

    You are not selfish, i think all the same things you mentioned. Your story seems like mine, morning text, lunch break call, send msg when leave office. I feel so alone too, no msg in my phone, no body care if I take my lunch, what i take just nobody care. We are just surviving , i can wish only that our survival period at least short.