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  1. 6th month since the loss of my daughter

    Thanks .. the pain is unbearable but knowing people who understands help us cope with it
  2. Loss of a 17 yr old

    I’m so sorry for your loss words will never alíviate the pain of your child’s loss .. the hurt wil be there .. I can relate .. I loss my Daughter too .. she had a Asthma attack on a April spring day .. I ask myself daily if I can turn back time and prevent what happen .. the pain and heartache never leave is so hard .. I hope we can be of some comfort to each other .. I pray that Gods loving hand pass through us today .. I’m sorry if your not religious .. I just wanted to pray for you
  3. I m new here .. I need to be with people who understands what my family and I are going through .. the pain the never ending why.. the never ending why us .. I thought I lived a pretty well great life .. my husband and I had what was a great life with family the kids my grandkids .. until that horrid horrible day ... my daughter Josie was full of life 24 with a child of her on 4 yrs old .. we have a 2 family she lived downstairs and I live upstairs it was perfect we hanged we had it all .. I was happy .. my daughter passed on April 17, 2017 from a severe asthma attack while taking her daughter on that beautiful spring day to the park .. it Got worse her Friend called the ambulance and try CPR BUT SHE DIED on the way to the hospital they tried hard to save her .. but no luck ... we are still in shock!! How can this happen ... I live cause all that keeps me going are my kids and my grand baby who I’m raising .. but words will never express the ache in my heart .. when will this end .. I want to erase all .. broken hearted