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  1. Sudden and soul shocking death of my mom

    Hi Sadiepup6983, I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I had a similar incident happen to a family friend’s daughter and the shock of the event can shake the soul very deeply. These things are never planned for, so unexpected, and we are left alone feeling so betrayed by life. We will never know why these things happen, it shakes our faith in God and in goodness. I know you are feeling so much pain and grief right now. I do want you to know that the pain will lighten over time. There are no words that can take away the pain, but a practice of meditation and tuning into God (or whatever you wish to call the higher power) can help. Death seems to put us on the fast track to spirituality as we are seeking answers desperately and we are left needing to know the meaning of life. I believe we all are connected and exist together on an eternal level. This means that even after the physical body dies, we continue to exist in our spirit form. Your mother is now in her spirit form, she still exists but just not in the way you knew her when she was physical. This is good news because it means you can learn to connect to her in her spirit form. When loved ones die before us they begin to exist within our own heart. If you can quiet your mind I am sure you can feel her and hear her. She loves you and never wanted you to suffer. She knows how much pain you are in but she wants you to know that she is okay and free. I hope this helps a little bit. Sending you love and support, Julie
  2. Just lost my mother

    Hi Weteonka, I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a mother is a major rite of passage in this life and it sure does bring up A LOT. First of all, know that your mother is still with you. She is in spirit form now and therefore she is with you all the time. She lives in your heart. You can know and trust that one day you will be reunited again. Because we are all connected you can learn to connect with your mother in her spirit form. This can bring you peace and reassurance, it can also free you of guilt and regret from the past. The only thing we have is this present moment. There is no use punishing yourself with the past. You can be free and know that she wants nothing more than for you to live a beautiful life. She knows you will meet again in spirit Blessings, Julie
  3. New world without mom

    Hi Pineapple Girl, I am sorry sorry for your loss. I know it is hard to think clearly and remember the beautiful times, but you will. I would invite you to start mediating for a few minutes a day. Get to a quiet place where you can just breath and watch your breath. Start to let go of the past with your breath. Allow yourself to feel the presence of this moment. Right now you are being haunted by the past, but the past is only in your mind. Your mother is in spirit form now, which means you can contact her and feel her essence. This can only be done if you are in the present moment though. I know it feels so hard right now but your mother wants you to know that she is more than okay, she is in heaven One day you will be reunited again and she wants nothing more than for you to enjoy Earth till that day comes. You are stronger than you know. You will feel lightness again and your heart will feel peace. Blessings, Julie
  4. Vent

    Hi Bela, No one is asking you to fake it. I hope you have people in your life who can hold space for your raw, real emotions. 3 and 1/2 months is VERY recent. Of course you are feeling this way. No one is asking you to get back to normal. I would invite you to take even more space for yourself to feel and experience all that is going on inside of you. Grief takes time, as I am sure you know. You are not just grieving this person, you are dreaming all the lost dreams you wanted to create with this person as well. This can be overwhelming and excruciatingly painful. However, you will get through this. There is no such thing as normal but I promise you will find joy in life again when it is time. This loss will only make you a deeper person and that depth will guide you to beautiful experiences in life (if you choose to let it). Again, no words can take away the pain. Knowing other people are in pain doesn’t take away your pain. Your pain is your pain. However, I believe you can heal this hole that you feel. I believe you can open yourself to life again. You are doing great job, I hope you have someone reminding you of that XoXo, Julie
  5. Lost boyfriend, hurt by family's comments

    Oread, I am sorry you are dealing with these energies from your family. Your anger is understandable. I am sure you did all you could to help your partner live a clean and healthy life. I relate to the feelings of anger, it almost blocks the raw sadness of grief that lies behind it. My brother overdosed on heroine and died. I felt very angry and betrayed by him and it took awhile to let it all go. I think it may be best if you set some serious boundaries with your family why you are healing from this traumatic event. Maybe ask everyone (who you feel is not helping you heal at this time) to please not contact you for a month while you deal with your heart and emotions. If you can seek out a spiritual support group or attend an Alanon meeting, that may be helpful too. In my experience, it felt good to be surrounded by people who were dealing with similar traumas and I found that in Alanon and other spiritual circles. As much as we want to be comforted by our family when traumatic events occur, they sometimes are they ones who make it worse. Please know that everything you are feeling is normal. It will take time to move through all the stages of grief and making peace with this being who has passed on. Please know that they did their best and for whatever reason, it was time for him to leave Earth. Now is the time for you to make amends with the past and heal your own heart and soul. XoXo, Julie
  6. Lost a friend

    Hi CPM, I just want you to know that my experience as a medium allows me to see death very differently than most people. You see, when people die (even in a freak car accident) I believe it was predestined by the soul. Their time on Earth was over, they had learned all they needed to learn in that incarnation. When people die, they actually experience no pain. The body may have been in pain, but when the soul leaves the body there is no pain. You do not have to be sad for her, in fact she wants you to be happy for her. She wants you to see her as free and empowered in this. If you feel that you want to get a sign that she is okay, you can actually ask her and God to send you a sign (that you will easily understand and recognize) that she is okay. The sign with come to you, but it will be up to you to recognize it. By doing things like this we learn to communicate with the spirit world. We realize that we are actually connected to everything and everyone. Even though someone may leave this Earth, the connection to the spirit will always be there. I hope this helps you. Sending you love and support. Blessings, Julie
  7. Forgotten grief

    Hi Keiko, I can relate to you in so many ways. I lost my best friend, brother, grandmother and family friend all in one year. I understand what you are feeling but just know there is no way they can relate to you until they experience death themselves. I think it would be best to try and find friends who understand, perhaps joining a spiritual support group. That is not to say you need to get rid of these friends, just stop seeking things from them that they cannot give you. If it helps at all, I acknowledge your grief and feel your heart. You are seen in all of that you have been through! And you are right, it is not about competition and here is a great oppurtinuty for you to be the bigger person. The one that can hold the healing space for others to grieve. Blessings, Julie
  8. Still born loss

    Hi MadisonMom, I am so sorry for you loss. Please trust and know that it does get better. Your heart will heal and this experience will open you up to a lot of blessings, it will just take time to see them. Sometimes souls come into this Earth and leave very quickly. We will never know why, but they got all that they needed here. Sometimes, the soul comes back to you (say as another child you may birth). The most important thing is to keep the connection with this soul. Know that she is a conscious being and she had a very good reason for not choosing to be born at this time. Sometimes, you can tap into the soul’s essence and ask them why this happened. Just know that you will be connected for all of eternity. You will still get to know her through her spirit, and she wants you to open to these new ways of perceiving life. Sending you lots of love, Julie
  9. 3month loss

    Hi Crystal, You are not alone. You always have the higher power with you. I acknowledge the pain you are experiencing and for whatever reason it is part of your life journey. If you can, try to take deep inhalations and exhalations. Allow all the pain to literally be breathed out of your body, while you breath in lightness, faith, healing and hope. It is not easy, but you can do it. You will survive this, you are powerful and strong. Sending you so much love! XoXo, Julie
  10. Grief Counseling

    I watched my parents go through the loss of my older brother, Michael. He chose a life of serious drug use and was in an out of prison before he finally died in March of 2015. If you are a parent and having a hard time coping with the loss of your child, I can help. I know there is nothing that can take the pain away in your heart, but you can reclaim life again and find happiness. It may seem like a far stretch but with the higher power, all things are possible. You are supported in your journey. Sending you lots of love. XoXo, Julie