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  1. Feeling sad again

    Thanks KayC , each day seems a little easier just trying to take things one day and one step at a time , I know we will always miss chitty cat but his memory will stay with us forever been thinking back over the happy times and all the things he used to get up to wishing you well and sending hugs
  2. Feeling sad again

    Aww KayC that could not have been a nice time for you or your family so sorry I feel more at peace today because we have chittys ashes in our bedroom where he spent most his time with us cuddled up morning and night for lucky I have been focusing on extra time with her especially at bedtime I give her supper then sit and brush her on our bed to make her nice and relaxed it seems to be helping her she's not hiding away on her own as much which is nice to see but think she's still hurting but guess like us it will take time thanks again for your kind words big hugs this forum is really helping
  3. Feeling sad again

    Thanks again for your reply marvamac and such nice words , we now have our chitty cat home with us where he will always belong when we opened his box up and seen the container with his name on it I just broke down in tears some happy tears as he was finally home and others because I just miss him so much it hurts your pictures of Rex are lovely thanks KayC i still find it hard to even look at photos of chitty cat and our cat Lucky we still have with us i just feel so helpless for her I think she really misses her buddy as they spent 15 happy years together
  4. Feeling sad again

    On the 24th July 2017 we said goodbye to our cat Chitty due to cancer still feels so unreal , got a phone call this morning to say his ashes are ready to collect which will be nice to bring him home but still can't believe he's gone never going to hear his meow again or have him cuddle up under the covers I think our other cat is starting to feel it too as she has started sleeping on the bed he lay in while he was unwell even though she's interested in her dinner I don't think she's eating as much as usual , she is 17 and don't know it I am being paranoid because of what happened to chitty and don't want to stress her taking to the vets if we don't need to . even a few days before we had to say goodbye to chitty they still lay in bed cuddled up feel so helpless for Lucky does anyone have any tips for my other cat Lucky. we have been keeping her in usual feeding routine , brushing her , making time for play giving her a little bit extra attention but not overdoing it as don't want her to get anxious when we need to go out the house. thanks pics of our fur babies below (chitty was our black cat and lucky is our white and brown cat)
  5. Feel so lost

    Hi KayC thank you so much for your kind words and response so sorry to hear about your cat also , it's so hard to watch them struggle and they can't tell us what's wrong and making that decision to end the suffering has got to be the hardest thing I've ever done even though you know it's the best thing you can do for your cat the articles are very helpful a lot of information on there . hugs
  6. Feel so lost

    Hi MarvaMac , thank you so so much for your kind message and so sorry to hear about your loss it is so heartbreaking my parents always had dogs when I was growing up so I have felt loss before but with chitty cat it felt different maybe because he was my first pet as an adult , me and my husband managed to speak about some of the happier times we had with him this morning like when he used to try walk along the bath and fall in and look at us as if it was our fault he got wet made us laugh , just hard to forget about the last 4 weeks watching him get weaker and weaker we are collecting his ashes next week I think this may help as we will feel like he is back home thanks again for your kind words it has helped just speaking about him big hugs
  7. My beloved cat

    So sorry to hear about your loss , don't feel guilty you did your best by your cat and I'm sure she would have known you were trying to help her it's always heartbreaking loosing a pet they become such a large part of your life my cats are like children to me I lost my first cat on Monday he was 15 it was cancer that ended his life still absolutely heart broken and feel lost without him (it's hard not to feel guilty and wonder could I have done more) big hugs
  8. Feel so lost

    So the last 4 weeks we have been taking our cat chitty to the vet, it was like he was fine one day then not the next he couldn't jump up on the counter anymore we immediately thought with him being 15 it was his joints , he got treated for inflammation with metacalm to go back to the vets a week later for a check up but he started to go off his food we put this down to the medicine but when his weight was checked he had went from 4.1kg down to 3.8kg so full blood works were completed and he got confirmed with hyperthyroidism and started him on medicine straight away and appetite stimulation He continued to go back and forth over the next few weeks checking bloods but his weight kept dropping bloods kept coming back as ok for thyroid , kidney , anemia etc so we arranged for a specialist to come out and do an ultrasound and as soon as we heard the results me and my husband knew it was not good news our poor baby had a growth in his bowel and had spread into his liver and stomach and his lungs were full of fluid options were steroids which could have kept him going for a few weeks , chemotherapy which there was a slim chance of making an improvement or to put him to sleep. He was our first pet together when we met 15 years ago and we wanted to do what was best for chitty so we made the heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep and end his suffering. We both feel at peace as we said from the beginning if he was suffering and we couldn't make him better it was the best option for him. Now I have things playing on my mind like could he have had this for a long time and we didn't notice any symptoms and that he suffered for months and months , but even thinking back over this year he has been happy and social with us like he always was , playing with toys coming to bed at night and cuddling in up until the day he wasn't himself since that day it was like our wee cat was gone and we tried so so hard to get him back we just wanted to make him feel better and everything we tried just seemed to fail. Has anyone else had experience with this can a cat just suddenly get cancer like this as we had chitty at the vets only 3 weeks before all this happened for his 6 monthly check up and he got a clean bill of health. We also have another cat we rescued when she was 3 as a friend for chitty and I don't know if she's ok after the loss of her buddy , she has been eating ok as normal maybe looking for more attention but I think she sometimes looks sad or as if she's looking for chitty , we haven't moved any of chitty cats beds as yet as we didn't want to distress our other cat by even more change , keeping her in routine with feeding and play she's 17 years old I'm just a little worried she might get lonely or sick because she misses chitty so much not sure if a visit to the vet would help put my mind at ease but don't want to stress her out either I am so sorry for the long post just miss my boy so much R.I.P Chitty Cat (Aug 2002 - 24th July 2017)