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  1. My beloved cat

    Thank you KayC, I do love his brother, and I would do anything for him the same as I did for Zakk if God-forbid anything happened to him. Zakk was just so different, maybe because he always had issues from that awful breeder I felt so sorry for him. He was also very spoiled because of it though. That made him even cuter, he had different expressions, if he was mad and pouty, very cute. I will get a new friend for his brother, but I wil never forget Zakk. We still talk to him every day, as I have to have faith he can hear us and is still with us.
  2. My beloved cat

    I. So sorry for your loss, my baby died in my arms June 25th. He was sick since I got him from a terrible breeder, he was only 4 1/2 when he passed. I was bringing him to the vets for fluids every single day, although I was broke, I took him to the Uof F, to see about a transplant, he only had kidney and they discovered HCM. Not a viable candidate. I would have found the money somehow, but it wasn't an option. I felt guilt for weeks as well couldn't euthanize him, I syringe fed him, slept on the floor with him, and the last few nights even I. The closet with him. Although the vets said he was probably just nauseous, I think he was suffering. So I feel guilt over that. It's hard to come to terms with, but I finally stopped crying every day, I'm still deeply depressed but trying to get better. I have his brother who I love so much and have to keep to going, but as I Del guilty for loving Zakk more. We had a special bond, and it may have been because he was always sick since day 1. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  3. Tomorrow is the day.. Losing my Sweet Girl

    Don't feel guilty, she knows you love her. My boy just passed away June 25th in my arms at home. He was only 4 1/2, he had many issues since I adopted him from a bad breeder. I called hospice as I knew he'd be ready the next day, he was suffering, he may have had lymphoma as well. I was treating him for,CRF aggressively since October 2016, I took him to the UofF vet school to get a transplant even, don't know where the money would have come from, but I would have found it no matter what. Unfortunately, he only had one kidney and they discovered he had HCM as well. It was tragic as I had a special bond with him. You will heal, and love another, it won't be the same but you will. I can't believe I'm able to tell you this myself as I thought I didn't want to live the first few weeks afterwards. My thoughts and prayers are with you.