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  1. Just found your post here. Sorry to hear about that.
  2. I am so sorry to hear about that your child has passed away. I even can't console you. But one thing I can say calm down yourself. And also keep remember one day we have to go for sure. So, need to be strong and confess all of the truth.
  3. How did you control yourself?
  4. Sorry to hear about this. Just console yourself that everyone have to go one day. Good luck!
  5. I appreciate your pain here. I even can't console you in this case. Because you have lost the valuable things of your life "Mother" All the best!
  6. Yes, this memory is unforgettable.
  7. oh, sorry to hear that. Actually lots of young people are addicted to drug now. Family people should take a look onto their child's what they are doing.
  8. Happy 4th of July to everyone. lol
  9. I am so sorry hear about this. Actually there is nothing for you to console. I just imagine the pain.
  10. How is this possible to say themselves that you are okey so far? Because you are already suffering from it. For me, I didn't do that. But try to let them understand about my situation and my pain.
  11. Happy Birth Day! All the best!