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    Rehabbing homes, Crafts, fishing, shopping, activities with my kids
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    My dad he was my best friend
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    Crafts,fishing,playing with my kids
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    I am a mother of 4 and i am usually a easy going person but been on edge lately. I have a huge heart and would help anybody that needed help if i could i would give you the shirt of my back. I love kids, the are so unique.
  1. Dear Jenn,

    I am so sorry for your loss of your father.  It's so hard I know.  I don't think it gets easier as time goes on, I think in time we just adjust to a new life, new existence without them in it.  It hasn't happened to me though.  Every day is painful and its close to 7 months now.  Everything I do I think of my mom.  Never being able to have a conversation with her again is unbearable and i don't know how one gets used to it?  I suppose in time we do.  Maybe it takes years?  So sorry for your pain and loss Jenn, I hear you.

  2. I too just lost my dad who was my best friend and everyone keeps telling me it gets easier over time and I don't think it's true my dad passed away two months ago and every day it seems harder and harder I feel like I'm a lost soul just wandering around but I know if I write down my memories that I have of me and him together and helps me a lot good or bad memories just know he will always be with you he is going to always be the light at the end of your tunnel I mean I catch a poem I want you to bring it it it helps me everyday
  3. Confused please help

    In may my dad passed away was his caregiver and he was my best friend and two days after my dad passed away my husband asked me for a divorce and we have four children together and now he keeps coming back every day wanting me to forgive him and let him back in the house and he's sorry he loves me he has put me through so much stuff through our whole marriage and relationship I don't know if it's worth it but then again I love him and my kids need him and my husband also suffers from PTSD so I don't know what to do and I'm confused. i have been with him for 14 years he's all I know I love him but I hate him any suggestions are open on the table
  4. loss of mother

    I sent you a picture of a poem please read it
  5. Hi Sean I just lost my dad 2 months ago and I really don't think that you will ever find that spot again that he fulfilled I know it's kind of hard to say that my dad was like my best friend my counselor my dad he was so much to me so I know exactly what you're doing I'm going through and feeling I called my dad probably 10 times a day everyday and then three years ago he moved in with me and I took care of them and I was just caregiver he told me how to live life and live it to the fullest he said and I'm sure your dad would want you to do the same thing you don't have to forgive and forget you just forgive forgive everything he's ever done and bad in his life and love him for who he was remember all the good times and the bad times you guys had together when you start thinking about him to start going through his GI Joes or write down on paper all your good memories I like to write my memories down and hang them on my ceiling above my bed it seems to help me a lot everybody's different you'll find your own way of coping with things but it does not get easier over time I still cry every day I go to my phone first thing in the morning to try to call him and then I'm like oh my God I remember and then I'm like he's going I have nobody there for me no more and two days after my dad died my husband asked me for a divorce because I was an emotional wreck I wish you the best of luck I'm going to attach a little poem to the bottom of this if you will read that it it helps me everyday
  6. Thank you so much i just feel so lost and my family wont talk to me because he was my step dad and they said I shouldn't have been talking to him anymore once him and my mom split up but he raised me since I was four she left him five years ago so I lost all of my family I've tried to reach out and contact them again and nobody will talk to me so it's me by myself and I need to figure out how to find myself again but thank you I appreciate it
  7. Dad died yesterday. Struggling

    I too have just recently lost my dad my dad passed away two months ago it is one of the hardest things you will ever have to go through it doesn't get easier over time everyone tells me that over and over again it gets easier over time it doesn't just being honest you find your own ways to cope with it take your memories that you have of him in your head and write it down write a story put it on paper that everybody else here all your memories that are so special to you it helps me a lot and I cry I laugh as I write them and I'm going to attach a poem to the bottom of this and I want you to read it and then let your mom read it it helps me everyday I wish you the best of luck
  8. My dad passed away two months ago and it's the hardest thing I think I ever had to go through and I'm a mother of 4 I've been his caretaker for the past 8 years I watched him day in and day out he used to function being normal and within a month period Of time it got to where he couldn't walk he couldn't talk I had to change his diapers, he dropped 80 pounds in 2 and 1/2 Weeks he stopped eating and he was the type of guy who laughed about everything even if it wasn't funny he was allowed man so it was really awkward and weird not to hear him talk and laugh and yell and be able to do things on his own and it's really hard to lose a parent my dad he was my best friend he showed me the way through life and he was 58 years old he was young I think the best way I delt with his death is I write our memories down on paper as I'm remembering him I write them down and I laugh and I cry about him while I'm listening to his favorite music it helps me out a lot everyone says it gets easier over time but what I found is everything I do it reminds me of him and it doesn't get easier you just learn how to cope with it and just try to always remember that the person you love is now in heaven and they are your guardian angel whether you believe or not when you find a penny it's a kiss from your guardian angel so make sure you pick it up every time and when you pick up that Penny kiss it and think of them I know this might not help I'm still learning to cope with mine too good luck it's hard I added a poem at the end of this for you to please read it
  9. My dad is and was like my counselor my best friend and my dad. Me and my dad did everything together we were so close and he has taught me so much in life I would not be the person I am today if it were not for him. And he's not my biological father he is my step dad he took me in his arms at 4 years old and he has treated me better than his own so I did the same for him and now my mom my sisters and my husband put me down for it. I have always been his caregiver for the past 8 years I am a mother of 4 and married and on April 4th 2017 i took my dad to the doctor cuz he was pooping blood and the doctors told us he only had 3 months to live that was the hardest news I ever had to take it was such a low blow, I couldn't even see straight I couldn't think I couldn't function when they gave me that news a man that meant so much to me I had a time limit to spend with him it's not fair And as I sat here and watched him day-by-day he slowly got weaker and weaker on May 11th 2017 my dad passed away in my arms he took his last breath he lived not for 3 months but he live for one month and 1 week I thought three months was a short time cut that in half. I miss him so much 2 days after my dad died my husband asked me for a divorce I feel like I'm a lost soul just wandering around I don't understand how I'm supposed to just pick myself up and move on. can someone help me learn how to cope with this and how to grieve it in the right ways
  10. My dad was and still is my best friend and i have been his care giver for years I financially supported him it was always Jen and Dave, and last year he was really sick and in a coma the doctors put tips in his liver (he had liver cancer witch was removed) the doctors said he had 10 more years left and we seen the doctors on the regular. Every 3 months we went in for a checkup to make sure the cancer was gone  it was very expensive( witch i paid for because I had guardianship of my dad and dual power of attorney) and an emotional toll on us  and the doctors were  wrong the whole time and on April 4th 2017 the doctors told us he had 3 months to live. And I have always promised my dad I would never ever put him in a nursing home( it went downhill really fast it got to where he couldn't walk or talk he was pooping on his self he couldn't eat and I really didn't want him to die in my house that's I was so afraid of it so I had to put him in a nursing home) and it got to the point where I had no choice I have 4 Kids I felt really bad for that and he only lasted till May 11th which was one month and 1 week after they gave us the news I was holding him in my arms when he took his last breath and I spent every day every every single day with him. I used to go grocery shopping with him, I talk to him about everything, he was like my counselor he was my counselor my best friend my dad he meant so much to me he taught me how to be the mother I am today he taught me how to love and care and be the bigger person me and my mom have never had a relationship and we still don't get along, then on May 11th 2017 my dad would was an awesome amazing wonderful person I wish everyone could meet him passed away and two days after he passed away my husband asked me for a divorce and threaten to take my kids from me because I was an emotional wreck. I had no family to support me all my sisters are junkies they do a lot of dope so they were no help they blamed it all on me that he died and he really died from the liver cancer. And I think because of that I blame myself like what can I have done different could I have forced more doctors on him could I done this different I just don't know I don't understand. It was a fast progressing liver cancer by time they found it it was too late. I'm only one person I couldn't do it all and I have no clue where to go now it's been two months since my dad has passed and I'm lost I feel like I'm just a lost soul just walk in here and can't find my purpose does anyone have any suggestions on how to help me oh and on top of that my husband that asked me for a divorce he is fighting through PTSD so I've been helping him with that for years and this one time I need him I don't have the support please help me