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  1. I've had two dreams that seemed quite different than normal that I kind of accept as visitation dreams. My wife and I also have ring finger tattoos but I haven't experienced anything like what you described there
  2. Is that a spambot?
  3. I agree with this so much. This forum is great because it gives a place to post where people understand but at the same time it can be overwhelming to realize that some people really never "get over it." It does seem like the only people that do move on have met someone else. Like you, I feel like the grief is getting worse as I continue to come across things that make me feel my wife's absence. I can't imagine continuing on like this.
  4. I don't mean any offense but couldn't this be a sign you jumped into a new relationship too quickly? I know everyone is different but your angel date is only four months ago. I hope it all works out for you. If your new guy is the right one he should understand.
  5. This is so surprising to me based on everything I've seen you post since I joined the site. No wonder you talk about how you haven't had a day as happy as your most mundane day with George since he died. I'm even more confident now that my wife will be my first and last until the day I die.
  6. All you can do is try to use what you know now to be a better person going forward. There's nothing you can do to change the past. I know it will be hard but if you dwell on it too much it's not going to be good for your state of mind.
  7. That sounds truly awful. Sorry man
  8. I also had to try cpr that turned out to be useless. It really is a terrible feeling. I can't stop thinking now that maybe if I had known what I was doing maybe I could have saved her. It haunts me. So sorry you are going through this.
  9. Thank you guys. No one has come out and told me I need to get over it yet. It's more that when I bring my wife up I can see their eyes glaze over. Like "ok dude you miss your wife. We get it." But it's all I think about so it's all I want to talk about. One of the worst parts is that it always seemed like people noticed our marriage was special. The fact that we had been together since we were 17 and decided not to have kids was pretty well known. We took tons of trips and had these aweso,e adventures together. We went on dates all the time and my wife loved to take/post pictures. When she first passed away I got a bunch of FB messages that people would miss seeing our romantic adventures. But now 9 weeks later people want me to be over it. Or least not talk about it anymore. I'm so incredibly lonely.
  10. **** the people you work with. I took three weeks off of work and I'm on my own in the field every day. I would never be able to go into and office and fake it for eight hours a day. You're stronger than I am
  11. Today is 9 weeks. I feel like everyone is over it and wants me to be as well. No one wants to hear me talk about it anymore. Not that I'm around people very much at all. But even the few people I talk to every few days just want to change the subject. She's still all I want to talk about. She's still all I think about. I went to the Barnes and Noble the other day and just sat and read books on grieving for almost three hours. Bawling your eyes out in the middle of a store is a great way to be left alone by employees. Even the books say that certain "symptoms" shouldn't last longer than 4-6 weeks. Like "feeling an intense longing for the departed." Seems ridiculous.
  12. I've been told that "maybe lightning will strike twice" and I "have more love in my heart." I don't want lightning to strike again. I want my wife back. If I were to ever try to date again I would just be looking for a facsimile of her which doesn't exist. So what's the point?
  13. It's so nice to see someone else say this. In the 8 weeks since my wife passed, I've only stayed at our house a few times. I can't bare to be there without her. It's actually caused a good deal of problems with her family who think it's strange that I have no desire to be around other people. Even being around my own family feels alien to me. If I'm with other people for more than 15 minutes or so I end up getting angry and lashing out and I know that's not fair. So I just stay away from other humans and keep to myself.
  14. You guys are so positive. I feel like something is wrong with me. You're all awesome people
  15. That's all a bit much for me. I'm glad it's giving you some comfort though.