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  1. Grieving over my fur baby

    Greetings my friend, I am so sorry for your loss...words "can not " and "will not" describe the pain you are feeling right now. I know, cause I still feel the same since June when we lost Rex......you are not alone I guarantee you my dear friend....you can grieve anyway you want and I feel you should take your time when time allows for you when you open your heart to another pet. We still haven't either cause it's the way you and I feel we are replacing the ones we loved so much that it will seems like they weren't there in our lives...I miss my boy every single day, especially the holidays coming up cause he was always there for us then. If you ever need someone to talk to, please come to this site where you can talk with anyone who feels the same way you feel and knowing we will be there for each other when the tough times get rough .....your fur baby was so beautiful and no matter what people say to you , that was your baby...plain and simple....I had Rex for sixteen and a half years, but he was my baby!!! He was like a son to me and he was there when no one was and that hurts me more than anything, take each day with prayer and take care of yourself when you can .....knowing you have support from me and here will hopefully get you through the days the best way you can. I cried plenty of days, weeks, and months missing my baby, but I promise it will get better when you least expect it.....Just hang in there my friend, I'm here when you need a shoulder to cry on. I'm praying for you!!!here was my fur baby spoiled as hell!!!! God I loved that boy!!!
  2. Video Tribute of My Sudden Loss of Milo

    I love the tribute to your fur baby!!!!!! I'm very sorry for your loss, he was so beautiful and spoiled LOL!!!! May he rest in peace......!!!!!!
  3. Freya has gone and she's not coming back

    Please know how deeply sorry I am for your loss!!!! I pray that you've understood that you've done all that you could do to make your baby happy and you had no control over the fate of your fur baby, please don't be so hard on yourself cause we as people make mistakes or choices we have no clue about what so ever.....you were a great "cat mama " and I truly praised you for that!!!!! Whether we keep our pets indoors or outdoors, we still can't protect or keep them alive longer the way we want to cause anything can happen.....accidents happens........ I don't blame you cause I've done that before with my beloved cat and he was attacked by several neighborhood dogs trying to eat him years ago. I was only trying to do my best to make my boy happy and it didn't turn out that way, I pray that you also forgive yourself and try to take one day at a time for yourself to face another day the best way you know how..... your pain will slowly go away with time and as long as you have us here on this site to talk to....we will help you through your bereavement.....you will definitely begin to smile again. My thoughts and prayers are with and for you my friend .....please take care of yourself.
  4. Oh how my heart aches for you my friend !!!! I truly understand your pain and let me say how sorry I truly am for your loss!!! There's no doubt about that you feel guilty, but let me say this .... you have done all that you could do for your fur baby !!! The love you've had spoke so much volumes to me in knowing you were there till the end and I truly commend you for that. Please don't blame yourself if you could have done this or could have done that..... we never can control what circumstances may come our way...God knows I wish I could have had a magic wand and change the things we've been through with our beloved cat and make things a little different, but I know it could never happen, but just knowing we were there during his last months loving and comforting him was all we could do before we put him down eternally was a blessing.....you have done absolutely nothing wrong my friend and were a truly guardian angel for your boy!!!! I'm very sorry for the way you guys suffered before he passed just breaks my heart so much, please don't be so hard on yourself....pray....cry when you need to.....and please come to this site when you need to talk...we all will be here for you when you need us. You will get through this.....take your time to grieve the way you want and take care of yourself also!!!! That's for sure!!!!! I will definitely pray for you to have the strength to move forward in life, the courage to face another day and the love you have to welcome happiness again!!!!! Keep your head up my friend, you're not alone!!!!!!!
  5. Podcast idea

    Oh by the way.....cool tattoo!!!! I would like to have my baby with me on my arm!!!!
  6. Podcast idea

    Hey there my new friend.....I'm sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful fur angel !!!! I think that is a splendid idea !!!!! It will definitely help a lot of people like us who grieve over our fur babies and also help us as we go through the grieving process as the days,weeks, months, or years go by. You have my support and blessings here in the U.S. ...... from all the way down south in Birmingham, Alabama!!!! Kudos to you and be blessed!!!! Be strong and keep the faith!!!!
  7. Sick with Grief

    Let me first say how sorry I am for your loss, I too understand so dearly of what you're going through right now.... We had to put our beloved cat Rex down back in June the 22nd because of cancer and let me tell you the agony and pain was so overwhelming.....I couldn't explain it to anyone who would have understood it . We had Rex for 16 glorious years together and he is sorely missed each and every day that passes, my friend Ema I pray that you will get through this the best way you can....cry when you need to, look at pictures when you want to, and grieve as long as time allows for you to do so. But know this, our babies are up there over the rainbow bridge together right now .....probably chasing each other or who knows what those rascals are up to along with the other fur baby angels!!!! Take it easy on yourself and if you need to pour your heart out.....I'm right here with and for you!!! You're not alone in this .....we are all here for each other on this beautiful site when we can't get it anywhere else that understands. May God bless you and your family.....
  8. Saw you just posted recently and thinking of you especially today. "Anniversaries" we not a big deal to me until I lost our sweet cat and now it seems I notice every landmark. :( I wanted to acknowledge Rex, I am sure he was loved so much!!

  9. My heart is gone

    Hey sweetie , I would like to say how deeply sorry I am for your loss ......I truly understand your deepest feelings for your fur baby just as much as I felt for my cat that passed away three months ago that will be tomorrow on the 22nd . Let me say that time only heals the hurt and the wounded.....what you're feeling is truly understandable and acceptable as I know it cause you are not alone my friend.... you have every right to grieve the way you need to get by by each day just like the rest of us on this site!!! I promise you that this too shall pass with each and every day that you wake up without your fur baby.....it will be difficult at times, but you will get better and stronger. Knowing your fur baby is now at peace without pain and agony and up there with my Rex as well as the other fur angels will get you through the days when you feel so hopeless, even though our babies aren't here with us physically, I truly believe they are with us spiritually when we least expect them to be......God has a beautiful way to show through the most unique and unusual ways that I can't explain, but you will definitely see one day.....please take care of yourself as well as your children....be strong and I will be praying for your strength. If you need to let out pain and anger, I...we ...will be right here if needed to be ....for you!!! That's for sure!!! Hang in there my friend , give yourself some time to heal....it will get better before you know it.
  10. My Cat Munchkin

    No you're not a basket case!!!!! You just grieve differently from others, whether some grieve lightly or some grieve hard!!! It's okay to cry or to miss your baby whenever You feel like it no matter what other people say!!!! Please don't let it get to the point you're not taking care of yourself or home.....or to the point you can't get out of the bed.....please go see someone who can help you get through your pain cause you need to know you're not alone in this!!!! I miss my Rex so much that it pains me just to see his food bowls still there untouched in two months after his death... I wish I can be there with you to hold you up and wipe away your tears and to say that it will be all right!!! Munchkin and Rex are no longer in pain and they.... along with the other precious pets are with God right now !!!! Free from hurt, free from pain, forever young playfully like kittens and pups over the Rainbow Heaven!!! Even though Rex is not here in the presence....he sure is definitely in my heart and soul as we speak knowing my baby isn't hurting from cancer anymore. Your Munchkin is surely definitely in your heart and soul too!! You're not ready to accept that yet.... but you will in due time... please continue to pray and see about yourself too sweetie!!! I will pray for you as well ......love and hugs to you my friend.
  11. My Cat Munchkin

    Amen Mrs. KayC!!!!! Well done !!!!! Beautiful!!!!
  12. My Cat Munchkin

    My dear friend, let me say how sorry I am for your loss..... I fully and truly understand your pain. Please know, that I know it's okay to cry as much as you can, this furbaby was your family member ....plain and simple! People who don't have pets don't usually understand that no matter what pet you have....they are truly a part of your family and your life too!!!! I've been there where you are a month ago, my God!!! I thought I couldn't get myself together!!!! I felt I couldn't breathe, I had sleepless nights, I've cried day and night cause a part of me that took care of this beautiful creature for 16 years would no longer be there for me when I was lonely, greeting me at door when I get home from work, cuddle next to me when I watched tv, and so forth anymore. Words just can't describe it , but I definitely know what you are going through right now. First thing first, please talk to God who truly understands what you're feeling....no judgement or anything!!! Secondly, cry......let it all out as much as you can sweetie!! Pray!!!! Pray!!!!Pray!!!Pray!!! That really helps a lot!! Thirdly, talk to us here when you need a friend or see that you're not the only person hurting!!! This site here is a God send!!!!! These guys here are awesome people that I can relate to and feel comfortable to communicate to about my grief!!! I am here also for you too!! Take a moment to realize that your furbaby loved you cause you gave that precious thing all that you could have give, I commend you for showing love to God's creatures and you will be bless for that!!! I will pray for your strength and the will to move on my friend.....you are going to be all right!!! Time will heal the hurt and pain eventually, but you will get better each day.....I still am. Take care!!!!!
  13. Feeling sad again

    Our beloved Rex!!!!!!
  14. Feeling sad again

  15. Feeling sad again

    Good morning my friend, I still feel what you're going through still.....I'm praying for your strength each day and I assure you, it will get better soon:-). As for your other baby Lucky, animals grieve like us too, just continue to give your fur baby as much love as you can . Only time will tell for you all of you, we had our baby cremated too and I'm glad we've made that decision cause he will continue to be with us even though no matter what.... I miss him terribly!!!!! Continue to pray and be strong my friend, take one day at a time. The sun will shine again!