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  1. Be Careful

    No one can understand grieving after death of spouse than someone who experienced it. I can't imagine to talk with someone freshly graduated about this tremendous pain. I think it's the reason of their overreaction. They don't understand.
  2. Four Months Today

    There is very little compassion for men. And I know what I mean. After my wife death my mum got more compassion because of her loss of the daughter-in-law than me. Funeral was the best - I didn't get any condolence from family or friends. None one just came to me and say "I'm sorry for your loss". I was invisible. My wife passed because of the brain cancer, so I know how it feels watching beloved one in this pain. I don't have contact with anyone too, only with my mum living in other city. It's hard, but I understood something recently. There is no better way to celebrate our beloved than life a full live. They could't forgive that their death destroyed our life. Every second of your joy is the best pleasure for them. Possibly we will all meet afterlife. And they will tell you exactly the same.
  3. Probably it's not best but for me physical pain takes away mental. Because of that I started workout every day, living on the floor (sitting, sleeping, eating) and eating healthy food. It's great for my back pain and general physical fitness and I'm better mentally. Feeling unhappy because of tasteless food and fatigue actually gives me relief. Especially since my wife suffered very much before she died (brain cancer) and I don't feel remorse about my happiness. Odd, I know. The biggest problem when I take a break - then the grieve hits me like a truck.
  4. I find myself questioning God

    After all horrible events in my life i still believe in God. But for me, God is just jealous for our love to each other. God can't stand that we are able to love someone more than own life. Probably more than him.
  5. Does anyone else feel this?

    After my spouse death I moved her things to wardrobe. I have been able to keep it hidden for like 4 hours. Then moved everything back. I couldn't stand numbness without her presence. All the time I have flashes from our past and I don't thing it will end soon. Life without her is nothing, so I'm glad that I can live in our past.
  6. Lost my soulmate, life partner and fiance

    You are not alone young person with terrible loss. I lost my wife 2 weeks ago. She was 26 years old. We fought for 4 years with GBM - very aggressive brain tumor. We did everything what is possible, but cancer was unstoppable. She had 5 brain surgeries, 4 chemo and radiation. Nicola - that was her name, was incredible person with enormous courage, empathy and strange. Every day can't believe I'm alone, she was everything what I had. Half a year I lost my father too, he had stomach cancer, died after 3 weeks after diagnosis. Can't believe there is any recipe for our loss. I just trying to do everything what my wife would like to. A month before passing, I gave her my word that I will take her on a trip to the Tatra Mountains for hiking. Currently I'm here alone, visiting our favorites trails. It's really hard, but I feel her presence in our beloved place. The picture was taken 1 year ago, after 4 surgeries and 3 chemo.