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  1. Thank you for understanding. Its comforting to know that someone loved their kitties as much as i did. Loving your pet for so long and so true. Its painful losing someone you love. Im sure you gave Gigi the best life she'd hope for, and she loved you as much as you did her. Im sure there in their paradise together right now. My cat had the friendliest nature he makes friends fast so they're not completely alone. Thats what i like to think.
  2. Its been almost 2 years since my baby passed away and i still cry every time i see his pictures, its 2am and i have work tomorrow but i just cant sleep because after all this time it still hurts a little bit whenever i think about how much i loved my cat. How whole he'd make me feel everyday and how i go home eager to be greeted by how he jump on me from the front gate trees. He was killed in a horrific way, hit by a truck left his entire head mangled. I try to look at his pictures so i wont remember him by how he looked when he died, but it still pains me. How he didnt even see me when he was dying. His eyes where ... unable to see after what happened . I still cant forget hot he twitched before he died. He was good. Pure soul filled with light for a street kitty and he died so badly. I just wish more people around me understood how i felt and how much i loved my Cat ChiSao.