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  1. On may 23 one of mine and my husbands best friends was shot and killed. The whole situation isn't right and the way things were done with his funeral and such made it harder to grieve because so much drama was involved because of his wife of 3 1/2 months who he married rather quickly. That's another story. But I keep feeling like he's going to walk in our door any minute. Like, he's not gone. I went to the funeral...I seen him in the casket. Didn't even look like him. I feel like I feel this way because he would have spurts--pretty much live with us for some amount of time and then he would go off and do his own things with other friends for months at a time then just pop in. Just walk in the door, get a beer, sit down a visit. It's like he's doing that and one day he will just come back in. I know he's gone, but my mind isn't accepting it. Is this a normal part of grief? I've never lost someone this close to me.