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  1. I started to attend a support group and understand the stages of grieve but I still miss my father so much. I just can't accept that I will never see him and hear his voice. I miss him so much.
  2. Hi, I completely understand about the date tracking. I do the same and I have set my alarm at 6:51am. That's the time my dad took his last breath and everyday at 6:51am I send him a silent prayer. I miss my father.
  3. I just want to feel normal again. I find myself in a " thinking zone" and zone the world out. I look at some of my family members and they appear to smile again. I am so stuck and i have stopped living when my superhero died.
  4. Today, I decided to visit my father's plot and I just couldn't control my tears. I found myself acting like a crazy person. I was yelling at my father asking him to get up from the ground and come home. I feel so much pain.
  5. This will be my first father's day without my father. Staying away from media will be a great idea and devote your time at church or even meditation. Honor him spiritually. I am sure he can hear you (so I been told).
  6. I lost my dad on May 3rd of this year (2017) from prostate cancer. I am angry at God for all the pain my dad went thru and he slowly took his body and soul. I am upset at myself for allowing hospice to care for him (was medicated for 7 days with no food and etc to reduce his pain). I blame myself for not understanding the consequences. I wish I could turn back time. I am sorry dad. Please forgive me. Please!
  7. Thank you. Today, will his 41st day since he left this world. I try to live day by day without my hero but time is starting to feel worse. Maybe bc it has been the most time of my life (46 years) without hearing his voice. I am still waiting for him to visit in my dreams or drive up to my house. In crowded places I look for his face like if I might see him in a different body. I just miss him so much and want him back. Thank you for listening to me vent my pain.
  8. My father passed away on May 03, 2017. He fought prostate cancer for few years and when he died something in me died with him. I think of him all the time and don't know how to get out of my depression. My superman should still be here with me. I am also feeling mad at God for the pain and my mother's pain. My mother re-lives his death everyday due to Alzheimer's. My parents didn't deserve such pain.