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  1. So I lost my brother In Dec. 2015. Its his birthday this month and its getting hard for me. Its crazy to me sometimes i still have those moments where i have to remind myself hes gone. Like on mothers day I woke up and had the thought "oh he prob called mom already he always has to call first or send the better present". I get overwhelmed with grief and sadness i want to be able to make more memories with him and not just have the past to remember him in. Sometimes I wonder when it was that life got in the way of our relationship. We had such a love for one another but nothing like the bond we had as kids. Sometimes I think if I were to talk about him more or talk about his death it would help but I feel like because no one is me and no one was him how could they understand my loss and how I feel. I constantly read others post and listen in groups but I never seem to have that connect like if someone else gets it and is experiencing what I am. I try and talk to my boyfriend about dhow i feel or about my brother but he never met him so once again i find it not helpful or not what I need. We had a complicated relationship with ups and downs as most prob do. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?