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  1. My oldest sister passed away

    My oldest sister passed away 10 months ago from cancer & the effects of chemotherapy. My whole family is struggling, & so am I. Of course, we pray, as we are Christians. Has anyone joined a group for grief support (not online, in person)? I have been unable to join one yet due to social anxiety & depression. Nearly everyone seems to have forgotten that we are living with this terrible loss. It is so hard, living without our precious sister & second mother. I am glad she isn't suffering terribly anymore, because she really suffered tremendously. I just miss her so much! I feel guilty for yelling at her a few times when I was trying to help care for her, though I was very stressed & exhausted. I should never have yelled at my wonderful sister, who was so sick. I am angry at myself, honestly mad sometimes at God for letting her die, & possibly angry at my sister for not getting to the doctor sooner. Thank you to any who have gone to group therapy for grief support who can tell me if it has helped. May God bless & comfort all on here!
  2. Loss of brother

    Km09 I am so sorry for your loss! I lost my oldest sister. I also pray and ask God for help. You are right; it is difficult for others to understand this kind of loss until they experience it themselves. I also came to this forum for shared understanding. I just prayed for everyone on here.
  3. My older brother died suddenly on Easter

    I am so sorry to you both for losing your brothers! May God help and comfort you, and may your brothers both be with God in Heaven! I lost my oldest sister to cancer in September, and my whole family is struggling to deal with her passing. I need to find healthy ways to cope with my sister's loss. I know she lives with God now and is in no pain! We honestly thought for months that my sister would survive her two cancers, and it is still such a shock to know she didn't make it. One cancer was very aggressive, and the chemotherapy hurt her badly. I know life will go on, it already has. I miss her joyous laugh and her wonderful hugs, and everything about her! I still have her, though I cannot see her or talk with her. I feel her spirit and love and know I always will. I still have 2 brothers and another sister living, plus my own family. My sister's grown up children and many grandkids are also struggling. We are all trying to help each other cope. My friends have also helped, though I haven't been much of a friend to them. I am going to work on changing that for the better! I hope my words help someone who is struggling like I am. Death is not the end of love! We still have the love of the one whom we ourselves love so dearly and miss so much. I also hope to "infuse" as many of the amazing traits of my sister and her talents into myself as I can. I think that is a very worthy life goal! Some I will not be able to infuse, for we are two very different people, though our faces look a lot alike. May God bless any and all who may read this. I would love to hear back from you.
  4. Loss of brother

    I am so deeply sorry for you both. I lost my oldest sister in September to cancer, but it killed her very quickly. My family is struggling with losing her, as she was a shining light to the whole world! I love and miss her so much - that is why I found this site. I know I need help. Thank you for listening! May God bless you all!
  5. Lost my sister to suicide

    I am so sorry for both of you! May God bless you and your families and comfort you! I just lost my sister, but to cancer.
  6. Recent loss of my older sister

    I am so sorry for everyone on here who has lost a sibling, parent(s), sister specifically, pet(s), other family member(s), friend(s) or anyone! I have lost all of the above, but most recently, my oldest sister. After our parents both died, she was the glue who held our family together. She developed two different cancers, though, plus chemotherapy messed up her brain. She died less than a year after her original diagnosis of cancer. Her 4 remaining siblings, 4 kids, 19 grandkids, family & many friends all miss her very dearly. Oh, & her 4 wonderful kitties, plus the many birds & bunnies she kindly fed miss her terribly, too. My heart hurts, and I got on here because I am a mess. I want to get well, & I need help! God has helped me so much, & I think He led me online until I can face leaving the house for grief support. I will pray for all of you to find comfort & heal, also. Thank you for listening & also sharing your stories. You are not alone in your grief, & neither am I. May God bless you!