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  1. Traumatised by my brother's death

    I'm very sorry for your loss Janey. It must have been horrible to see your brother shouting and screaming like that and that is a difficult memory to live with. My brother died last year and I can relate to your experience. He was a very healthy and fit teenager and he was in an accident and ended up in a coma. His body was struggling to stay alive and we were told that he would not be able to breathe without a machine or talk, eat etc. On the day we said goodbye we were told that his body was slowly giving up and we had to let him go. Seeing him take his last breaths was horrific for my whole family as he took an hour to stop breathing off the machine and you could see his body was trying to fight. I sometimes experience flashbacks and panic attacks and struggle with this memory. I think I possibly have PTSD over this incident and it sounds like you may be experiencing the same.
  2. Loss of brother

    Hi all, I have not used this forum since opening this post as I have been dealing with the grief and trying to process it. I sometimes feel sharing can help but also feel sometimes dealing with it myself helps to. As the months go on I still feel in shock about this loss although I am feeling like I am now being a bit kinder to myself. Such a loss has made me look at life differently and I can feel my priorities have changed. Around the same time as my brothers death I started a new job and I feel like I went into it too quickly and only took it as a distraction. I feel it served a purpose at that time in my life however now I am feeling like it really does not suit me and the hours are starting to make me ill. (I do nightshifts on rotation.) i feel I have not been kind to myself but forcing this job however at the time I was out of work after being made suddenly redundant just before my brothers death. Does anyone else look at those first few months after loss and realise that your decision making was almost like a different person made those decisions?
  3. Loss of brother

    Thank you to everyone for your kind words. I feel that expressing my grief in such a way may help as I am a very private person and would not usually express this to those around me. I feel like sibling loss is not talked about very often and I find people often ask how my mum and dad are doing with the loss but they do not realise my loss is different but also very similar.
  4. Loss of brother

    Hi, I'm new to this forum but recently have been struggling with the grief of losing my younger brother and trying anything that might help. My brother was 18 when he died and it was very sudden and he died in a coma after an accident. It was a case of blinking and he was gone. I was very close with my brother and miss him every day. This happened just over 7 months ago and it is still a huge shock to my family. i feel very alone with my grief and try and put on a happy face in front of friends and my partner. I feel that I can't go to family as they are all grieving and my parents are so filled with grief there is no room for me. My partner and friends can't relate and the rest of the would goes on as normal. There have been times I've been happy since then however at the end of the day I'll come home and there is always the reminder that life is not the same and it feels like life will always feel like genuine happiness has past. I feel I keep my emotions to myself and even deny that this has happened at times and have woken up throughout the night feeling like it's a dream. I might hoping this forum can help even in a small way.