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  1. My father passed away 2 weeks ago.

    Dearest Azeria, My heart goes out to you. What you have experienced is a trauma that is overwhelming. It can cause you to shutdown emotionally. You are making a starting by sharing your feeling here you do not have to bottle it up. It can be difficult to talk so sometimes writing your thoughts down can be easier. Take it one day at a time. Journal here as much as you like. Take care and let us know how you are coping.
  2. Loss of father, loneliness, and isolation

    Dear Alpha- If you like journaling this can be an excellent place for release to help you get out your thoughts and connect with others even if it is on a small level. In some ways I can relate to you regarding your father not being as close to you as you would have liked for him to be, then he's gone. I admire you for reaching out here on this forum. As I read your post you sound very self-aware which I think is very good, you acknowledge where you would like to make improvements and you are going to see a therapist. At first reaching out to include others in your life can be a challenge but when you do you will find that it can be rewarding. Think of what some of your interest are and you may decide to join a local group that has similar interests as you. When you are around people that share a common positive interest you may find it easier to connect to them, building quality friendships takes time but keep at it. In dealing with my own grief it was suggested to me to put together a "tool kit for my emotions" for when the black cloud of depression starts to loom. Each person deals with their grief differently but in this tool box I have things that help me lift my mood like a kind letter from someone, a favorite set of songs, pictures and or paintings, positive affirmations anything that can help to get me back into a positive mind set. Your therapist probably has additional suggestions. Also when you are ready trying something brand new getting you outside of your comfort zone you might discover something new about yourself that can help you cope with your grief. Please let us know how you are doing.
  3. Lost my soulmate, life partner and fiance

    Rirhandzu- From your posts it is clear to see you love your Fiancé and no doubt brought him some comfort through the pain. Going outside and experiencing a different space can help you with your grief. Continue to post and other forms of journaling can also be a source of comfort to you. You are not alone in your grief.
  4. Loss of brother

    km09- Coming on to this forum as a way to express your grief can help with the process. Allow yourself to grieve. It can mean something different for each person. Take one day at a time, talk to your family about your grief and their grief. I find it helpful to talk to God in prayer about my grief asking for His help and comfort. He gives me peace that can comfort my thoughts and emotions.
  5. Lost my sister to suicide

    Dear Wildeyes- As you grieve you will experience a wide range of emotions, allow yourself to grieve. No doubt the rest of your family is grieving as well talking through your grief can help. You can take a measure of comfort with recalling some happy memories when you are ready. I personally take comfort in prayer especially when I feel like I can't talk to anyone else about my pain. Take one day at a time, experience your grief as it comes, continue to post. You are not alone in your grief.
  6. I don't understand what happened

    cp9042 - I think we all ask ourselves questions like you are now. I think it is part of the grieving process. We want to do just about anything to keep our loved ones with us. Sometimes we have good days and others not so good but through it all you do have the memories of your husband, all of the quite moments you had with him, the silly jokes he may have told you, his favorite food etc. These memories keep them alive in our hearts. Thank for sharing your feelings knowing you are not alone in your grief.