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  1. Loss of brother

    I know how you feel. My brother passed away suddenly 8 months ago. It's become more realistic for me as my brother was 33 and I was 36 when he passed, so we didn't see each other often. I understand how it feels to have a partner who definitely is always there for me but of course can't fully comprehend. Friends are the same. I wish I could say it gets better, but it hasn't for my yet.
  2. Oh. Amy. The loss will never be something we don't feel. I'm speaking as someone who lost her only sibling, her brother, who stupidly used heroin for a mere 6 months and that killed him. I am in grief therapy weekly. It's not covered by insurance but fortunately it work for me. I don't think it's something any sibling really gets over. I go from furiously angry to deeply sad within minutes. The weight of my parents' grief makes me super concerned for their wellbeing. It's very isolating to lose your sibling- at least in my experience. Some people avoid you. Some people are oblivious and say insensitive things. And, unfortunately, I had a friend who told me to "get over it -- everyone has a loss in their life". That crushed me. I'm new here and al going to stop commenting now as to not work myself up and try to sleep. Thinking of of all of you.
  3. Sudden death of 34 year old brother

    I had no idea my brother died when he did last fall. I too, was overwhelmed thinking he had suffered. I pushed HARD at the police department, emergency response teams and the coroner's office to get answers. It wasn't easy but i did it for my parents more so than myself and let it be known I wasn't going to be put off or shoved aside and would hire attorney if needed (I could have but I wouldn't have). Stand up for your rights as next of kin if it's too hard for your parents to cope with as it was for me, ask your father or mother to call the police in the town your brother passed away in and give them permission to fully disclose information to you Otherwise just take things as you can deal with them I've been in therapy weekly for... 7 months my brother died 9 months ago-and it hits adult siblings differently. Xxx