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  1. Nola2atl. I am an only child and both parents are deceased. My mother died two years ago period I have no relatives period no aunts no uncles. I was left with nothing. A couple that I really didn't know has allowed me to live in their house while they are overseas. They are coming home soon. I am alone on every holiday I have no money to go anywhere not even to buy flowers for my parents grave this weekend period I just barely got a job that was supposed to be full-time and it's turned out to be 20 hours a week not enough to move forward. I saw often feel alone and Abandoned and lost. The only friend I have keeps telling me how poor she is well going out to movies and dinners and traveling. I wonder if I'll ever climb out of this hole. I'm sure I will it's just hard when you have no one to love or be loved by or be with and my mom was my best friend. I could tell her anything we have so much in common we talked to all the time. I just wonder what you do to be happy without them I'm putting all my effort into it but tonight it's hard and I'm alone again.