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  1. On March 20, 2017 I lost a very valuable member of my family. My dear brother in law took his life and our family is just in absolute disbelief. I met joe in 2002 the same day I met my husband ( his brother). I love and adore my husband and his family, his brother and I clicked right away and had a very strong brother sister bond. I knew him for 15 wonderful years. He became the godfather to my children and became an ordained minister and married his little brother and I in July 2014. He wasn't a guy I saw once in a while. Joe lived two blocks from our home and we hung out daily, he loved to stop by and see our kids and have a cup of coffee, we were close and my heart is shattered knowing I'll never see him in this life again. Joe developed a bad drinking problem after his breakup with his ex fiance. They have two little girls he adored very much. Life just became too hard not seeing his girls everyday and with any addiction there's money trouble, job loss, violent outbursts, and just unimaginable embarrassing episodes while intoxicated. It weighed on his mind so badly he literally had no hope. His battle with the idea of suicide started in 2015 and after a few attempts to pull the trigger he went through alcohol treatment but it didn't last long before we saw him with a bottle of whiskey and our hearts just sank. Alcohol is the devil. On the day he passed he called my husband Jack his best buddy and little brother, and told him he was going out into the woods and never coming back. My husband rushed to his home to try and prevent him from leaving. When he arrived joe was very very drunk. They spent three hours together most of which was a battle to have him hand over his gun,when out of nowhere he put the gun to his head and killed himself in front of his little brother. This is a nightmare and I still can't believe he did that right in front of my sweet husband. I can't believe he did it at all we are the ones left in the massive hell and my god , my husband will never be the same after seeing that.