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  1. Lost my soulmate

    Hi Lulu, Hi Kyajne! I remember that my husband never gave up in the front of the agressive cancer he had. He fought like David with Goliath and he lost his battle but he tried with his powers. Being weak, pathetic, crying is part of this world. Loosing them is the end of the world. But the physical life is individual. Calling in my mind his last days and remembering his love for the life and the desire to live I see things differently. We have lost a big part of our soul and normally we feel sick. But they were loosing their lifes and they didn't gave up. And also they gave us hope in that despair. We have to do that too!
  2. Lost my soulmate

    I read a NDE story. A part of that is so similar to the vivid dream I had with my husband after he passed. He showed me a view like the following part: "It's marvelous!" they answered. Then with delight they told me how I could swim around in the lake as long as I pleased and when I came out, I'd be dry! Another one said, "You can run, jump, dance, sing and play as much as you want to and you'll never get tired!" The link of all story: http://www.near-death.com/reincarnation/experiences/arthur-yensen.html
  3. Lost my soulmate

    You are right Lulu! They were too good for this life. And they deserve a better place than this! They meant more than ourselves to us and we choose by heart their happiness.
  4. Lost my soulmate

    Well said Lulu! They didn't deserve this unfair life. Even we don't see them, they are with us because we are united spiritually. But one day, we will meet them again!
  5. Lost my soulmate

    We have to remember that we all are temporary in this world. Our beloved ones have gone first. We will meet them again! That's my consolation now.
  6. Lost my soulmate

    We felt so strong together struggling the sickness. I was always there giving him hope that the things will get better for us. With that hope I left him to arrange things for a better place, for better treatment. I didn't know that goodbye, that hug, that kiss would be the last ones for us. I didn't know that without me by his side he felt weak and something else was going to take my place. Maybe God wanted to be protective toward me. He knows my love for him and my hurt seeing him going and he spared me that suffer. Maybe he didn't want me to see him like this and to have those bad memories but good ones. I don't feel guilty that I left him his last moments because I left him to find hope. I don't feel sad we didn't say goodbye. We said that somehow. But I feel very bad that I wasn't there to give him hope. Maybe the death woudn't come.
  7. Lost my soulmate

    I didn't know that he was at the end. Everything happened so unfairly. He had that unexpected internal bleeding which took his life. That's it seems to me like he was stolen from me. We had together too for almost 20 years but in reality to me looks like 20 days. When he was sick I wished and I prayed so much for more time with him but this wish did not come true for us.
  8. Lost my soulmate

    The death stoled him from me just some hours I was away from him. I was with him every second of his sickness but the first time I moved to do some arrangments for a better clinic, I lost him. I don't know which is hardiest being or not being there but I know that and without any memories is still hard. But I'm trying to move forward without my love. I have two children to take care and they have lost their father and their grandmother in a couple of months. They don't need a sad face everyday in front of them. They need and have the right to be happy. This forum was helpful to me! I struggled several months to find a reason why God punished my family being apart. A friend helped me to understand that wasn't a punishment. They left us this life because they had accomplished their mission on earth and the future might have been to hard for them and our family to see them suffering. We have a lot of good memories together! I know that this pain is as a rollercoaster that comes and goes. It is not easy! But living with our beloved ones we have learned to leave with love. And this love and with the help of God we will find a way to continue. Nobody is eternal! Soon or later we will meet them again!
  9. Lost my soulmate

    We have lost love! Love is above everything! We have to find a new equilibrium without love. Crying is part of grieving! I do that every day. Some days more and some others less. But this doesnt change our situation. We have also lost the ability to enjoy this life, to be happy. Am I going to be happy again?! I dont know! God gives us challenges. We have to deal with. At least we have to try!
  10. Lost my soulmate

    Thank you for your kind, supportive, understanding words of comfort.
  11. Lost my soulmate

    I dont know KayC! It seems to me that I'm not going to find that reason anymore. I can take care of my self and not only. But my life is not anymore like before and it is not going to be.
  12. Feeling empty

    They have uncles but they live in another state.
  13. Feeling empty

    I feel so weak sometimes with my children. They are teens now. Especially with my son that is older. He is a good boy! But I don't know if I'll be able to complete and the part of the father for both of them. I don't know God! I can't imagine the pain of my love going away and leaving back his children. He loved them so much!
  14. Lost my soulmate

    Some months before my husband passed we have been shopping a lot for the new house. He was so happy and full of life doing that. Without him, now shopping seems so meaningless to me. Loosing them we have lost the reason to enjoy our life.
  15. Lost my soulmate

    Yes Lulu! They were a blessing for us! We have to remind that! We will miss them always but we have wonderful memories.