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  1. I am Tyler, a pet loving fanatic. I have two dogs, and i have been taking care of my aunts cat recently ( With the help of my grandma ). Our beloved cats' name was Maddie. We were taking care of her and giving her a lot of attention, she had been not eating at all, and she had alot of problems, the doctors said she was very sick and damaged, but we managed to get her weight back up soon enough. It was going fine until her weight started going down, so we kept feeding her. One morning, my grandma woke up, went downstairs, and saw that maddie seemed like she was blind, she was dragging her paw, she was staring at nothing, and she kept walking into things and falling over. My grandma told me that something was very wrong, and that she must have had a stroke in the night ( She used to be a nurse, she knew the symptoms ). Then came that devistating thought... We had to put her down. We talked about it with my family, and we tried to calm down my aunt, she was so sad, it was like she was out of reality or something.... We scheduled the vet appointment for the morning. I got not sleep that night, i just cried for unbelievably long amounts at a time. I had not idea what to think, or what to do. I had known that cat for so long, and to think by sunrise, that she would be gone... I wanted to die. By next morning, i was not doing my normal activites. I don't kow what to do with out Maddie, i can't cope with this. Does anybody know why to do? i would greatly like talk to someone about this. Please help...