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  1. I've been talking about grief recovery, here: I don't know how to move on, in genuine honesty; I don't even know how to articulate things. Where am I in the grieving process, any who, and what is holding me back?
  2. Finding a partner. I've written out two relationship graphs, one for my mother, one for my brother, Chris. I need to find someone to work through this, with, online, or something. Here's my blog: My Grief graphs aren't on the site (yet) but there are other things, related to my condition. I'm trying hard to grieve, and that is where I be at...also, overcoming emotional numbness. Apologies, for not replying sooner.
  3. My apologies, for not replying, sooner. You can read up , sir, more about me, on my mental health, blog. Also, you can read up on a converstation of mine on a Facebook Group. Basically, I'm seeking completion per the Grief Recovery Handbook, whilst being terribly numb emotionally, but still feeling painful. I also feel torn between reconciling, and moving on; I make scenes at family get-togethers, because I do not want to be invited, but go, because...well, I think you get it. Hopefully, this explains things, better. Does it? I'm suffering from Attachment Trauma, and Emotional Numbness, trying thus to escape. Ideas?
  4. responses. Ought I move, or be patient?
  5. Howdy--I am trying to overcome grief, and emotional numbness, and hopefully this is the right subforum for this. Numbness is a mask for anger, and thus I've picked this one. I felt some body heat today, and I am trying to find it. ANy thoughts/ I couldn't find a bigger subforum, than this.