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  1. Advice on Mother's Day?

    My friend's recently lost their baby. As a mother, I cannot imagine what this feels like for them. I want to be supportive and I've made a commitment to our friendship to be there for the long term - no matter what. They have invited my husband and I to go visit them. I am terrified to say or do the wrong thing and I've carefully looked at things that should never be said. I really want to go and listen and, if they will allow me, to cry with them. My husband and I decided we will bring some food and a couple of simple board games. We aren't sure what to expect and don't want to put any pressure on them to share or not share. We recognize that things may feel awkward or uncomfortable, but we are okay with that. We really just want to support and comfort them in any way we can. Mother's Day is so close. Do we bring something to acknowledge this or is it better to bring nothing? I was thinking of a fruit bouquet with a personalized card. I feel not to acknowledge this is wrong, but maybe bringing it up will just cause more pain? Any advice is appreciated. My heart is so broken for them. I don't know anyone who has experienced this and I can't find anything that offers advice on this topic when baby's passing is so close to Mother's Day. Thank you for your help.