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  1. Hi Ive just joined the forum this evening. Im 22 years old and you may find me extremely lucky to be of this age and only just at the beginning of March did I experience my first ever death of someone so close and precious to me. I lost my grandmother. She had lived with us for over 10 years. I feel so lost inside. I can't talk to my mum because she herself is too upset and I don't want to make her anymore upset. I've tried talking to my sister, but she is having issues in her life too. She has recently gone through a divorce and has 2 children to think about. I end up crying at work at the most stupid of things or at the most stupid times. I just can't help it. I miss my Nan so much I'm totally heartbroken. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep. And you know what else, every night at around 8pm I cry for around 20 minutes, on my own away from everybody. I hear my nans voice and I can smell her too. No one knows how I feel. I can't even tell my best friend. She is on the other side of the world doing her dream job in America. I just feel so lost and alone.