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  1. Loss of dad - teen

    Hi well I've never done something like this before but thought I may as well give it a go. I'm 17 years old and I lost my dad 4 months ago to cancer quite suddenly. From the moment we found out he had aggressive liver cancer, it spread rapidly and we lost him within three weeks. That was a major shock, as my father had been cleared of melanoma a year earlier and had regular check ups through out the year looking for any signs of it resurfacing, however this melanoma was undetected. I definitely think that I hid my emotions away a bit in the earlier weeks after him passing and recently my anxiety has been so high and I just have this feeling like I'm so lost and struggling to try act like a normal teen girl, being excited about things such as going away to university next year and partying, the school ball etc. I have good days with the bad, but had a major breakdown a couple months ago in which I had to quit my job as I wasn't coping well at all. I seem to be doing okay with school and all. But am struggling with this happening in my senior year. I've lost who I am and not sure when I will find myself again. My dad was usually the person who I went to for advice on anything in life and I just miss him. so. much. My mum isn't coping very well, is very grumpy a lot and seems to take it out on me and my brother. Home isn't a place where I feel comfortable anymore. I would love to help my mum as I think she needs some counselling to guide her and she's agreed she does, but hasn't gone yet.