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  1. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I lost my brother 6 months ago from a herion/fentanyl overdose. Its hard living without him. I'm really struggling right now. I miss him and think about him often. I still cry. I was wondering if this is normal still 6 months after. I don't cry as much as I used to but this is still hard for me. he was my only sibling. he was my best buddy. I remember talking to him on the porch all hours of the night. I wish I could see him again. I'm asking because I don't know how long is "appropriate" to grieve. a lot of people told me to get over it and move on...im not as bad as I was. but he is in my dreams and desperately wanna have a conversation with him. so has anyone still struggled with the loss of their sibling 6 months later, or am I just torturing myself? I do think of him in positive ways too, this was a tragic death. my brother was 34. I cant help but feel guilty cause for some reason I feel I was there for him enough though I did my best to communicate with him as often as possible. I wonder if I talked to him more if I could of saved him. I will never forget that day. his girlfriend called and had been searching for him for hours. she found the bathroom door locked and kicked it open and there was my brother lying dead on the floor, she even described it to me and even though I wasn't there it was a very horrifying description. she has always passed away. he died October 25th 2016, and she died of a herion overdose as well on Dec 19th, 2016 so not even two months later. I decided to include a photo of him here simply because he was a great soul and in memory of him.