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    11 year old daughter
  1. Penny, I am new to this forum and I just read your post about your son. I am very sorry for your loss. I too lost a child to a weather related accident. She was also away at the time - summer camp last year. A tree fell on her cabin during a lightning storm in the middle of the night. No other campers or staff were hurt, just her. The traumatic nature of her death certainly compounds the grief, as I'm sure it does for you. It's very hard to make sense of these tragedies because they are just that, senseless. I hope the people in your community continue to provide support to you and your family. I have found that initial support slowly goes away as time passes, which is one of the reasons I joined this forum. I hope to connect with people such as you so that my loss does not feel so isolating. Continued prayers for you and family.