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  1. Thanks for the reply reader. I hope you can find peace. Speaking aloud definitely helps a lot. The pain is unbearable though. I just want to pay respect to my dad by living a life.
  2. A week or so before my Dad's death (November 2016) I had a huge argument with him, because he said I didn't respect him and I told him I didn't because of how he had treated me earlier in the year when I told him I had anxiety. I called him a coward for not talking to me about it, he said I wasn't part of the family. He was in the worst stages of his liver cancer. He cringed in pain as I shouted at him saying he was a coward for not being able to talk to me and he said I would regret this moment when I saw him being buried in a coffin and preceded to walk upstairs and say he didn't know how he could give birth to something so evil. Around the time my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, the very beginning of 2016, was when I told him about my anxiety and he (quite understandably) rejected it and said it was nothing (which is in fact right, who gives a **** about anxiety, he told me to forget about it, the very cure to anxiety in fact). But after that I hated him for the rest of the year, all throughout his chemo and travels to India for further chemo, I ignored him and resented him. I spent as little time with him as possible, I focused on other things such as my future, thinking if my Dad doesn't care about me I'll at least care about myself. My Dad has always been my God. But this last year all I've felt is hate. I numbed myself completely, I haven't felt any real emotion in months - really years. Now I hate myself. There is no way I can recover from this. My Dad died hating me and being ashamed of me. I can't move on from this.
  3. Hey guys I lost my Dad in November 2016 after he battled cancer for a year. Since his diagnosis and up till now I've been completely emotionally numb. I've not come to terms with things at all really and I have held back any emotion I've had for the last year. This might seem extreme in an ordinary scenario to be numb this long, or maybe not, but it was normal for me because I've had an anxiety disorder since 2013, depersonalisation and derealisation to be precise. So naturally the prospect of losing my Dad plunged me deeper into the detached numb state that this disorder creates. The only problem is I didn't make it any better because I actively numbed myself too. The result is now I feel nothing like myself, not one cell in my body feels like my own or like me, and I haven't done since basically 2015. I want to be who I used to be, who I am deep down, who everyone knows me to be, the nice compassionate human being that used to exist before all this but right now I feel like a venomous devil. So I know that I need to release the emotions but I find it almost impossible. It's hard for me to focus or to not get too scared that I distract myself. Having to feel these immense emotions after a year of feeling nothing I imagine will be like being smashed in the face by a 100 ton boulder. But I can't live like this anymore, anyone who suffers from DP/DR will understand the horrifying state it puts you in. On top of this state I have lakes of emotion trapped inside of me which feels like acid burning up my insides. So anyone who has been through something similar, where emotional expression seems damn near impossible, what would be your advice? How did you get through the thick wall of denial and numbness and release the pain? I just need to know it's possible! Thanks!