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  1. Hi Jasmine, I'm so sorry to hear about what happened. I lost my 1 year old Sprocker Hope on Wednesday. We went to the park which we go to almost daily as a specific area is for dogs off leads and she was always really good off the lead and never ran off. She would always run around and play with a stick or her ball but always stayed within a few metres of me. On this unfortunate day she spotted a crow flying low and bolted after it, she kept running and ran out of the open gate straight onto the main road and was hit by a car. It happened so quickly I can't get her piercing yelp out of my head and my scream calling her back. I keep questioning my every move asking what if. I have restored faith in humanity as some lovely ladies brought blankets out and took us to the nearest vets but they were unable to save her life. This pain of losing my girl is Heartbreaking I feel like my heart has been ripped out and just wish I could change things. I feel racked with guilt I was so upset yesterday because it was raining!? I just wish it was raining on Wednesday and not sunny as we wouldn't have gone to the park. People also tell me to stop questioning and blaming myself but I can't. I cant get the accident and flashbacks out of my head. I hope that you are okay and the grief gets easier for you. Stacy x