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  1. How did we end up here..?

    Hi Osmara, All here experienced what you have gone through. Very very hard, My wife died last March 2017 and my grief is still the same as when the day she died. Everything what KayC said in his list is advisable to do. Hang in there and set little goals for yourself. One day at a time and take your time. From the saddest person on earth to another. -YuYu
  2. Christmas is coming.......

    Hi Guys, Again thank you for all your insights and wisdom, we may not see each other in person but in the stars we are connected. Merry Christmas and god bless us.
  3. Hi Guys, First timer here! My plan is to spend my Christmas in the memorial garden beside my wife, I would like solo but her family will come also. Life sucks! Time machine please!!! Shout out to my wife!!! ILOVEYOU!!!!! Sending my prayers and comfort to all who shares the same feeling as I do. Never give up! I love you all Merry Christmas
  4. Four Months Today

    Yo Jay W, First of all sorry for your loss. I had the same experience in the hospital when my wife died in a drowning accident, not a single ounce of compassion and yeah we are just numbers and statistics to them. I know its not easy and grieving is a pain in the ass I will tell you that but we have to push forward. We are here to help you. Keep posting bro.
  5. ''What Dreams May Come'' by Richard Matheson

    this is insane, instead of a white dog I have a white cat. Is it possible that my wife's soul is in my white cat?
  6. ''What Dreams May Come'' by Richard Matheson

    I watched this movie long ago, while I'm in high school at first I didn't pay attention to any details because I'm still young and thinking that I will not experience this. When my wife dies all I can think is joining her but a friend of mine told me to watch this so that I'am aware of what would happen if I commit suicide so I decided to watch it again. It really shake my beliefs and ponder that someday we will meet again and continue our journey. Thank you Firstwaslast for summarizing the novel.
  7. first birthday

    Micro cries again. I want to cry out load and let out all of my feelings. My birthday passed and its so painful. Now preparing for Christmas and New Year.
  8. first birthday

    Thank you for the replies! By far the saddest birthday that I will have. I'm going to bring flowers and balloons in her grave also I will attach some letters in the balloons so that as soon as I let it fly she will receive my thoughts then drink all night.
  9. first birthday

    Yo!, Thanks for your response. I heard you Azipod those micro cries is a pain in the ass. Cela, balloon idea is great, I think I will consider it. June, Sorry to hear that your love one just died recently, I'm on the 6th month now and it feels like it was just yesterday.
  10. first birthday

    How to spend your first birthday without your love?
  11. Visiting my wife

    Update - I've been frequently visiting my wife, its a 3 hours travel from my place but I don't mind at all. I had a realization that my life might turn up like this alone, sad and uninspired. I don't know what future I still have, I just hope that I can survive this loneliness. At first I spend my days and weekends with my friends but now I'm starting to detach my self because I don't want them to feel sad because of my situation. Is this normal for us?
  12. Don't know what to say

    Hi Djh0901kc I feel you bro, I lost mine during our honeymoon last March. everyday is a struggle and at times my day is bluer than blue but bro one thing is for sure in the afterlife I will find her and join her for all eternity no one knows when but I feel it. Keep strong! Shout out to all of the members here! Thank you so much for helping us.
  13. Shadow10, I feel that too, as days goes by the harder it seems to cope up. You feel that you are not belong to this reality. Just keep on praying and hope for the best. I'm sure our love ones is watching over us. Lets keep our love ones in our heart. yuyu - Damage but not Broken
  14. I'll bury him and then I'll join him

    Nelsons, Sorry for your loss. You are not alone, Each and everyone here knows what you are going through. Please don't plan or think that, God has a plan we may not know for now but keep this in mind that we are here for a reason. Stay strong and pray always. We can survive this!
  15. I am broken. I miss my girlfriend.

    Jcooper, First of all sorry for your loss, no words or expressions can describe what you are feeling right now. Its hard but we can survive this nightmare. Just pray and ask God for guidance.