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  1. guilt over brother's cancer death

    I can understand your pain of loosing the brother. I am very sorry to know about your brother. This is very common that, most of the people hides the cancer from other people. But if the cancer is the disease which diagnosed in the early stage is easy to treat. My sister was suffering from breast cancer stage 2, she had taken treatment from breast cancer radiation Suffolk using breast brachytherapy to cure her breast cancer.
  2. Mum died 2 years go when i was 12

    Cancer is very unpredictable disease, it can catch anyone at anytime. sorry to know about your mother. If anyone is loosing the family, after some time, we have to move forward the life as there is no options left.
  3. view sons body or not

    I think, if the dead body is possible to shown then it should be shown to the family members and if the body is so damaged in the incident like accident, then its better not tho show the body.