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  1. Losing My Brother and Losing Myself

    I know how you feel, my brother died suddenly a week ago and all I can think about is joining him. But then I think about my pain from losing him and how I wouldn't want to cause someone else to feel it for me. I have 4 kids and 5 grandkids. I don't think we will ever get over this pain but our brothers wouldn't want us to take the cowards way out. So we both have to be brave and deal with it the best way we can in the time that it takes and not when everyone else says we should be over it. The ones saying that have probably never lost a sibling. So instead of dying for our brothers let's live for them and make sure their memories live on forever.
  2. Little brother died in a prison cell

    Sorry about your wife. My kids dad committed suicide in 99 and my husband was murdered in 04.
  3. Little brother died in a prison cell

    Thank you, I feel so lost, now they don't know if he overdosed or if he was intentionally given bad drugs to take him out. Waiting for the autopsy results to come in. Either way its the same outcome....my brother is not coming home ever again. His son chose to have him cremated which my brother didn't want.
  4. Little brother died in a prison cell

    R.I.P. Bo. 11/01/1968 - 03/27/2017 Us against the world... Wuv u.... Over & Out.
  5. Little brother died in a prison cell

    I'm in so much pain right now and nobody cares. I feel as if I must have died to because nobody checks on me or gets in touch with me or answers me. This pain is unbearable. I cry and I cry and I cry. There's no one to comfort me and its been that way for too long. The only one that cared is gone and he will never be back. He was suppose to join me when he got out of prison next month, that will never be. So it looks like I'm going to join him instead.
  6. My brother died today

    I lost my brother 4 days ago, the pain is terrible. Everyone says it will get better or he is in a better place or I will see him again or that in spirit he is still with me. But none of that stops this unbearable pain. Let's hope they are right for both our sakes.
  7. A few days ago, March 27, 2017 at 9:30 am I got a phone call that changed my life forever. When I answered it I heard my mom say"Bo's dead". My first thought was I could not have heard her right because that can't be true. So I asked her who is dead and she repeated the two words I didn't want to hear "Bo's dead". I remember screaming no and everything after that is a blur. Days have gone by and I can't remember where the time has gone. Let me give you a little background on my relationship with my baby brother. Bo's was born in 1968, I was 4 years old and from the minute he was brought home from the hospital he was mine. I'm second to the oldest in a family of 8 kids, the oldest girl and Bo was the youngest boy. We grew up close to each other, our other siblings are scattered around the country but me and Bo never left each other unless he was locked up which he has been a lot. As a matter of fact he has been locked up in San Quinton prison for the past 12 years and was getting out next month. Bo had the use of a cell phone even though he was an inmate and we kept in touch everyday. We had so many plans for when he got out, he kept promising me that he would take care me. My life isn't that great right now, I am homeless and no income. I've been counting the days til he came home. Then at 4am on march 27 my baby brother died from a heroin overdose sitting in his cell. His life ended and so has mine. I don't think I have ever felt this much pain in my whole life, my heart and soul ache so much. People flock to our parents, to my nephew but I sit all alone in a friends shed I have been sleeping jn. I haven't been included in plans to get him home, we live a long ways from the prison, or in the ceremony plans. No body calls to see if I'm OK or if I need anything. People should understand that a sibling grieves deeply when another sibling dies. But instead they are forgotten or ignored or left out. I want my brother home like we planned, I want to hug him one more time, I want one more text from him. I want this unbearable pain to go away. I don't know how to go on without him. He was going to make life better again, us against the world. Now my world has collapsed.