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  1. I too have lost a grandparent. My grandma passed on 1/18/17. I think of her every day and the whole in my heart is still big and gaping. It helps to be around family during these times, helps to be open about your pain. I do not have any advice as I am still trying to figure out how to keep going. I take it one day at a time. I try to find the good in each day as I know that is what my grandmother would have wanted. May the sun shine your way.
  2. Thank you both for reading and for commenting, I appreciate it.
  3. I know what it is like to lose a grandmother. I lost her in January of this year. Some days are a real struggle to get through. I am sorry to hear of your loss, no matter how much time goes by, the pain is there and real. I find it easier to cope when I take it day to day and focus on the good in that day. I know she would want what is best for me and to keep going. I think your grandmother would want that too.
  4. I woke up into a world without her. The birds still chirp, traffic still moves, the rain still falls, life has not stopped. I have, bit by bit. Without her, the blue sky is dimmer, smiles are a little less real, life less meaningful. Without her, I am taking time to slow down, to watch the world around me, though it seems less real. She brought more color to my life than I realized, her loss is deep within me, aching constantly, not dulled by time. I do appreciate life a little more, a laugh is more real, a touch means more. When I lay down at night, in this world without her, I feel her love, I feel her loss, I feel.
  5. Thank you for your reply. I find your advice helpful. I am in the process of finding support groups in my community that I may be able to attend. I am also speaking to some family about the feelings and thoughts of the loss and impact. It is difficult as they are also grieving but also helpful as they are family going through a similar situation.
  6. I lost my great aunt in May of 2016. It was a shock, at least to me. I did not know of the health issues that she had. I did not know she hid it all so that she could continue to help others. I lost my great uncle in October of 2016. He was a grumpy guy, but loved deeply. Behind his scowl was a smile that only those who knew him could see. I lost my grandmother in January of 2017. My heart aches with each beat. She was everything to me. Her loss is like a blow to my chest, a hole that is not filled. I lost another great aunt just two days ago. She may have liked Michigan State and talked bad about Michigan football, but she could always make me smile and laugh. My father's side of the family is where all the loss is from in the past ten months. His side got together every year to have a reunion and then at Christmas Eve. My dad's aunts, uncles, and cousins were mine in every sense of the word. I guess I always thought that they would not change, age. How foolish was I. Each loss has made this hole in my chest bigger. Each a blow bigger than the last. The death of my gram has been too much though. I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that she is gone, the fact that I cannot call her right now. I want to so bad. I feel like I cannot tell anyone about this ache in my chest. I feel like everyone around me is trying to forget her, my other family that is now gone. I know others are hurt and aching too, I know this. I feel that others are trying to move on. How can they move on when they meant so much? Gram was a centerpiece in my life as for others too. Why would they want to forget? I cannot. Everything just stays bottled up, no release out. My husband doesn't really respond back when I talk about my pain. He tells me to move on as that is what they would want. I know this is partially true but the pain is there, the pain is real and raw and it cuts me open every time I remember. It is an endless cycle.