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  1. it was in 2011 that i lost my father at 17 , 5 days before my birthday and on my parents wedding anniversary. he left behind two children and a wife who was 8 months pregnant. my little brother is 5 now and will never know what a great man his father was. i still am extremely plagued by the grief. now that it has been almost 6 years , i feel like family and friends no longer care that my dad is not around and that everyone is moving on with their lives. no one talks about him, or does celebration of life at his anniversarys or birthdays. its hurt me to know that such an important person in my life is gone and that no one else seems to be feeling the pain i am. i am afraid to move on with my life because i don't want him to not be apart of my future. im having a hard time i guess coping with the grief, and feel like i don't really have anyone to talk to about this fact. I guess im looking for people with similar experiences or thoughts/suggestions on how to deal with this? i do have a partner , but he has both of his parents and does not really seem interested in discussing anything around the death of my father.
  2. How do you deal with the dreams?

    my father passed away 5 years ago and I also still dream about him. although sometimes they are upsetting ,I also enjoy them as it makes me feel like hes still here with me and in my dreams I am still able to feel to talk to him and hold him. I believe it is probably a coping mechanism with unresolved grief. if your loss was sudden or unexpected, as mine was, it could be your way of saying your final goodbyes or saying things you never said.