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  1. Well before I take too much credit. I’ll let it be known that I wouldn’t let my daughter bring her cat into my house. I can’t stand pet hair in the house. So she has put her cat out in a pin made for chickens in the barn. Everyone has their limits Autocharge
  2. Andy, I’m dealing with something similar to your phone situation. However my problem is a little bigger for you see it’s a Car(SUV). The motor has a rod knocking in it ( it started not to long before she came to Guam and of course she never need it again). It cost more to put an engine it then it's worth and the scrap metal place will only give 150.00 for it. But every time it’s in my way (it’s out in the pasture by the barn) I go out there and it starts right up engine knocking and all radio AC, windows, sunroof all perfect. Other than the engine its in great shape. Why can't it just break all the way? Point is I can't make up my mind on what to do with it. I had to move the set just to get in and move it but I dare not adjust the mirrors( I can still hear her telling me about all the effort it takes to readjust her mirrors just right for her, she was 4 foot 11). Autocharge
  3. 4Hdad, Wish you only the best. Autocharge
  4. Crossing the Bridge, introducing the grilfriend to the family II Well I didn’t have a week and a half like I thought. Life moves fast remember. My daughter's situation took a turn for the worse and she had to move out last night. So I put together some family members and made a midnight run. The dinner thing seems to be the best idea, so I’m going with it. Maybe in a couple of days no rush. Life in my house just went from being alone to being complicated. My daughter has made some bad discussions with college and money/scholarships. Now she is home until she can straighten everything out. I hope she gets a job soon. Autocharg
  5. Dian, Andy and I have very good threads with lots of topics. In one of these topics I posted about helping “newcomers”. “ Newcomers please see "Table of contents" attachment and then word search this forum.” Word searching can help you find answers. I’m never happy to see newcomers post to this forum for the “Loss” is always sad. You're not alone and If you need any help just Msg me. Autocharge (moving forward "new normal") Postingpage.pdf
  6. 4Hdad, Keep me posted please.
  7. KayC, you crack me up
  8. AceBasin, NO not engaged. By "Protocols" I assume you are talking about signs of affection ( holding hands, kissing, making out and so on). I would think southern manners would be acceptable. But my real question is how best to make the introduction, I’m thinking maybe dinner were me and my daughter meet her some place “ neutral” maybe even a couple of times before she comes over to the house and even then maybe a BBQ and movie for a nice evening. I guess I’m thinking of warming the waters slowly. But maybe dinner is too long of an exposure for the first time for my daughter. To long to short, dinner no dinner as you can tell I truly don't know what is right or wrong in this situation. Carla has said “ It’s ok I’m patient and understand”. So maybe it’s more me , I’m the one freaking out. Computers are a lot easier to fix. LoL Autocharge
  9. Crossing the Bridge, introducing the grilfriend to the family Ok This is where I need advice. Due to circumstances beyond my control. My daughter is taking a break from college ( hopefully just this summer). Hence she is coming home. I don't want to hide or not see my girlfriend. So I have just about a week and a half to figure out the best way to introduce the two at a minimum maybe even both kids ( together or separate). I did not intend to cross this bridge this soon. I’m in a bit of a panic writing this post. Man this is hard. All comments welcome!!! Autocharge (moving forward”new normal”) Ps: I know I just posted a few hours ago but life moves fast and I didn’t see this coming.
  10. Got past date number 4 Lady number 7, Go figure it had to be number 7 to get past date number 4. Well date number 4 was some time ago to tell the truth. It’s been almost two weeks now that we have been seeing each other and things are going good. I think the date number is somewhere around 7,8, or 9. It doesn't matter at this point , both of us have decided independently to stop pursuing others on the internet dating site. According to my standards I officially have a girlfriend now. I guess we will all see where this goes now (my Forum friends). There are certain aspects of this relationship that I’m not going to discuss on this forum because they are too personal, there's just no other way to say it. I do see a time coming that the bridge of introducing someone to the rest of my family is just down the road a little ways. Here I do have concerns. I’ll talk about that in a later post. A little about this lady, She has a name not just ladie #7. Her name is Carla. She was married for 25 years and lost her husband to a heart attack. She is a widow of 5 years and has not remarried but has dated. She has two grown kids that are living their lives like adults should. And yes there is a lot of mutual understanding between us. Autocharge (moving forward”new normal”)
  11. KMB, Thanks "helping people while you are helping yourself" this is what I want to accomplish. Autocharge
  12. KayC , Thanks and yes I did enjoy the tubing. Just one more thing to get me going, sooner or later all theses things are going to add up to me doing something. Add up to Some kind of "new normal" I could have never foreseen. I just got to keep getting out of my comfort zone. I took some time and looked back at my postings and it looks like I have covered quite a lot of ground. I still want this thread to help others if at all possible. So I'm attaching a pdf file "Table of contents" to help those that want to know what all has been talked about with everyone on hear. New comers please see "Table of contents" attachment and then word search this forum. Autocharge (moving forward "new normal") Postingpage.pdf
  13. Getting outside my comfort zone IV This time I went on a tubing trip down one of the local rivers ( a two hour drive one way, that's local in Texas). This trip was part of a singles meetup group and I had three ladies carpooling with me. Ok How did it go that's the question, well it was slow and wet. LoL I have been on better rivers with a canoe before but that is why this was a tubing river I suppose. The group was 3 ladies and two guys including me. We had normal conversations and their was no flirting going on in either direction. The ladies did shear stories on past relationships ( a little guy bashing but not much). They did discuss the deaths of spouses of some of the other members of the meetup group, without knowing my situation. I never brought it up and they never asked why I was signal. It was hard listening to their opinions on causes of death and diseases ( cancer) and on how , when, why people should ,should not date or remarry. I was a fly on the wall listening to what “all these people say when you're not around”. I did want to stop them in their tracks but why , Theses strangers wouldn’t understand and it would have just soured the trip. I did learn that to those that haven't experienced the “loss” they don’t care if it takes one or two months or one year or several years to get over the loss. Too them life is still moving forward with or without us the “grievers”. Autocharge (moving forward,”new normal”)
  14. wow, The grocery thing seems to be a big issue. Yes I to have just the necessities including cans of soup. Quick , easy, cheap I find it to be more expensive to buy and prep food then eating out. Also lots of places give me a discount for being military. The change in eating habits has resulted in me losing 45 lbs this past year. I have stabilized at 186 lbs for about 5 months now. So I think the issue of weight loss and depression in regards to one's health is not my concern now. Having traveled around the world I like all kinds of food .I still find myself trying new things it's what I do plus you just never know when you will find that new favorite. Autocharge
  15. Ghostoflight , Your not alone. That being said , their is a lot of information on this forum some of the threads are quit long now. I suggest word searching to find what your looking for. I know it's been talked about on here before you just need to find it. I'v been trying to make a table of contents for my thread and it's even been difficult. attached is a pdf doc. table of contents I hope it gives you ideas on what to search for. Autocharge Postingpage.pdf