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  1. I log into this forum to see if anybody has posted, my friends my grief friends. Then I start reading the new post or the post that I have missed. I hate feeling the sorrow and pain in the new threads, it brings back the memories. SO MUCH PAIN out their. Autocharge
  2. Lost my wife of 46 years to cancer

    I Know. Take the time to read my thread "Autocharge my Experance". Msg me If I can help. Autocharge
  3. Loss of husband

    Dian, Andy and I have very good threads with lots of topics. In one of these topics I posted about helping “newcomers”. “ Newcomers please see "Table of contents" attachment and then word search this forum.” I’m never happy to see newcomers post to this forum for the “Loss” is always sad. You're not alone and If you need any help just Msg me. Autocharge (moving forward "new normal")
  4. The choices I had an interview yesterday it went really well. I think they're going to make me an offer soon . I'm actually surprised at how fast I'm moving through the process this normally takes at least a month. However there was a slight mistake on my part on the day I had the cell phone conversation with them. I thought they said Argentina nope, it was Algeria that puts a new Twist on things as far as Carla being able to come and visit or anyone else . The crazy thing is I'm just as excited to go their. Algeria in fact is kind of a better place, for it aligns more with my skill set then Argentina . Carla and I have been talking about taking vacations in Europe and other countries, point is we're talking as if we're trying to figure out ways to make this all work. Time will tell . Autocharge(moving forward”new normal”)
  5. It looks like a third choice has come up. My old work called me up just the other day and wants to talk to me about a position. It would start off in the states for about a year(6mo training than 6mo in Oklahoma city). Then I would go to Argentina for three years or more. I told Carla about this and she is encouraging me to do “what I want”. We talked about her traveling and how it could workout. If things stayed the same between us(but who knows right). The thing is I liked what I did and I was good at it. The money is nice , not that I need it but extra money never hurts, right. I can always retire again but how often do jobs come along. After writing this it seems pretty clear what I should do. Once again I hold my breath and jump feet first into the unknow. I don't want my relationship with Carla to go bad but there's a chance that it will workout. It would nice to have my cake and eat it too. I don't think we would have any problems for the first year while im state side but the Argentina part of it could be different. Only time will tell. Please let me know if I have overlooked anything. Autocharge (moving forward”new normal”)
  6. Two more videos. 1: police escort 2: Firefighters get deployed High water escort https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_u0CVUrh-1U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7Psnu75yh8 Autocharge
  7. Here are a couple of quick videos off High water driving. https://youtu.be/vzwr_8-dFjk https://youtu.be/al0LsskWW64 Autocharge ps these are my videos. from My GoPro.
  8. You are correct . That is why I returned home to have it checked. Their was no water found in the engine oil, so It's good to go in that respect. I just finished installing the new generator today. The truck is operational again. Now Im watching the new storms out in the atlantic. Tonight I'm speaking to my Ham Radio club about my actions in Houston. Autocharge
  9. Houston III “After action report” Natural staging area The last big fuel station going into the disaster area. In this instance I-45 Buc-ee's Fueling station. This is where we ran into people coming out of and going into Houston people would transfer cases of water to my truck because I was going in and wish us luck . On my way out I transferred all the water I had to another group going in, cooperation at its best . Stopping point I-45 was closed and forced me to exit. upon exiting I contacted local officer on patrol he gave me directions to official staging area where I encountered engine 77. Engine 77 gave me my first assignment and address he showed me on his cell phone using Google Maps then sent me a text message with the link. I used Google Maps to guide me to my first address. The cell service was obviously still up and running after my first drop off I picked up a local volunteer used him as a navigator for the immediate neighborhood. We combed the residential neighborhood looking for people. First night I slept in the back of my truck. The first night it was not good, the helicopter flew over once an hour picking people up, rain was continuous. Second day I woke up early and had to leave the area, had to drive north of Houston about 30 minutes before I could find anything open. I needed supplies I was not prepared. after getting supplies I was contacted by a local Houston resident that wanted to go in and help. I used him as a navigator and together we managed to get back down into Houston. We had troubles because all of the roads and highways had flooded behind me on my way out. In Houston we started following the police Hummer all the way to the police station. There we signed up with North Houston police station and started taking orders. Midday Checked in with East Side Fire Marshal Where we sat until we got assignments from them. We got an assignment about 7:30 p.m. to go to an apartment building and ask people if they wanted to evacuate. Water was almost chest-high at this point and no one wanted to evacuate so we secured for the night. We stayed in the conference room at the Sheraton it was set up for volunteers. They gave us a room to shower and clean up in. Third day Eastside staging area was our first assignments same apartment building that we had been in the night before. We were to make our way through it to the water, in the process of doing so we found our first dead body. Our following assignments were in residential areas with high water rescue necessary. the address turned out to be false, no such address. we got three more assignments. Three more addresses, high water rescue, turned out the roads were dry by now and no persons at the addresses. Locals said the people had been rescued 2 days ago. Noon Had lunch no further assignments on the east side Fire Chief requested that we be transferred to the West Side I agreed and got in contact with the West Side Fire Chief via texting, Then proceeded to the staging area. Westside assignments We were to provide transport for police and fire personnel to a possible fire in an apartment building, in responding to this call we experience high water drove in three quarters of a mile to get to the gates of the apartment. The water was too high to continue, unloaded personnel and backed out of the high water and waited for personnel to return. After waiting approximately 20-25 minutes the truck had taken on water in the snorkel and the engine had stopped. Now I needed to be rescued, for about 30 minutes until I figured out how to bypass the intake on the diesel motor. After removing the boot on the intake the engine started and I was able to self recover. Drove out to dry land (safety). Waited on and returned Personnel to Westside staging area and checked out with Westside fire chief. Reason, truck not high water capable anymore ineffective. Return home to repair the truck, after repairs return to Houston during the drive down the alternator broke. Truck is now broken again. Saturday morning unable to fix the truck, forced to return home. Started repairs again and prep for Florida. Observations People frustrated with 911 use social media to call for help. Results double or triple tickets. People rescued and not reported waste of rescue resources , but safe. Solo Solo volunteers are at risk of being victims themselves. Groups of volunteers Groups of volunteers are eager and capable but no direction or leader. I know just enough to check in with local authorities and protocols to be the point of contact for the groups of people that followed the Big Green Truck. They followed the truck not me I carried the officers in charge of the department on two separate occasions. I was involved in two groups Group 1 Consisted of 10 watercrafts and Northside police. Group 2 day two. Day two the second group was 6 watercraft and five Laredo police officers armed. All volunteers, this group was ineffective prior to our first assignment parts of the group containing boats chose to go to Beaumont therefore left our group. Our first assignment was an apartment on dry land the boats did not want to follow and waste gas so the group was split again. second assignment was high water where the boats had responded to but two jet skis had deployed the pontoon boat did not deploy the jet skis were ineffective one sucked up trash and broke down the other one overheated. I ended up driving through high water to an address that did not exist the second group of volunteers at best was ineffective, quite possibly even needing rescue themselves. By lunch this group had completely broken down it was just me and my navigator and the truck now. We reported to Westside as requested by the Eastside Fire Marshal. on paper Group 1 1 high water vehicle with transport ability and Recovery capability 10 watercraft 20 local police. Group 2 1 high water vehicle with transport ability and Recovery capabilities 6 watercraft 5 armed security personnel Autocharge
  10. Hi everyone it's been two weeks since I last posted, almost two weeks. I've been busy with my truck doing repairs trying to fix the alternator prepping trying to go down to Florida to help out. However parts have failed to come in. The truck is still broke and it doesn't look like I'm going to make it down to Florida to help people. Just about all of my family Including Carla think that it is a little risky. I agree it is at times but what else Am I going to do with my time. I find my new hobby of disaster chasing rather exciting and helpful at the same time. I've got the means and the capabilities to do it so why not. I'm pretty sure if my wife knew what I was doing she would do her best to stop me and I would probably listen to her . Autocharge (moving forward "new normal")
  11. Want to share my experience.

    Andy my brother good to hear from you. The possibility of starting a new relationship is a big decision trust me, I've been there. You have read my post you know what I went through. In the end the results are, Carla is a good woman and I was lucky to find her, and I'm not alone anymore. Autocharge
  12. It was a boat the firefighters were pointing the motor towards the fire . I gave the team a ride down in there so they could open the gates ,so that the boats could get in Autocharge
  13. Houston II I went down to Houston on Friday thinking my truck was fixed. On the way down the generator stopped working due to the water on the previous trip. I spent the first part of Saturday at O'reilly removing the generator and trying to fix it. At the same time I was charging the batteries (4 of them) . the Truck has a 24 volt system not the standard 12 volt that were all used to. I had some locals trying to help me but to no avail we were not able to fix the generator . in the parking lot of a Riley's this lady approached the truck and asked if I was a part of the National Guard. I said no ,she said that a truck like mine had rescued her family and she wanted to thank me and she actually started to Bow and get down and kiss my feet that's when I stopped her and just gave her a hug and told her it's ok. It's amazing how appreciative the people of Houston are for the help that they have received . I was forced to start heading back home, on the road back the truck broke down again this time it was a wiring problem. It had shorted out a wire. I jumperd around the wire, the truck started up and I made it back on what battery power I had left . During this trip I was not alone Carla wanted to go with me and she did. She sat in the truck in the heat for hours while I was trying to fix it, not once did she complain. She understood what we were trying to do and was supportive throughout the trip. As I left Houston I was disappointed I felt there was more that I could do down there I wanted to but with the truck problems it just wasn't meant to be . Autocharge Ps This link is to a news story. About the firefighters that road in the back of my truck to get to the scene. It is the assignment where my truck took on water. http://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/story/firefighters-get-creative-to-put-out-a-house-fire/vi-AAr5VSz?refvid=AAr5VSz
  14. Houston I just returned from Houston went down there to help people out of the flooding. I was down there for 3 days had to come back because of truck problems. Part of the solution not part of the problem no good if I break down . Below are some of the pictures that I took .
  15. Next Week

    Ghostoflight Below is a post from my thread. The nephew's graduation After a 10 hour drive everyone ( my daughter ,son, and parents) was talking and it was brought to my attention (by my daughter) that I had failed to get a card for graduation. My daughter pointed out that mom had always handled this part and I had the social skills of a rock. In part I agree with her and yes I have for 22 years relied on my wife to take care of such matters( I could not keep up with her in this area by no means). Then at the front desk my dad lets it be known that I'm single and live at home alone(he was joking around with the clerks and meant nothing by it). So after that one two punch I went and saw my brother and his wife. She is a lot like my wife , short with blond hair, blue eyes and they have been asked if they were sisters when seen together. That was the third punch so needless to say it was a hard day and I kept it to myself. It was a hard 4 days, kids were kids and adults were in pairs except for me. They all wanted to see Trish(my wife) every time they looked my way or talked to me. After 22 years she is as much of the family as I am there is no difference. I do understand their discomfort when around me but their is nothing any of us can do about it. I was there but I wanted to be home alone. One of these day I will have a girlfriend and their will be a family gathering. What a day that will be, will I and/or them be ready? This moving on is not just me but also my family and everyone that knew us. I do believe It starts with me and then I will worry about everyone else later. In this grieving process someone once said "put yourself first” . I think it came from this forum somewhere, I now understand what they were saying. Autocharge (moving forward “new normal”)