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  1. 4Hdad, nice to hear from you.
  2. Chasnrosa, Thank you for the comment.
  3. Chasnrosa, The first and best piece of advice I ever received was to "just get out of bed". Autocharge
  4. My mother-in-law My mother-in-law flies in this Friday it’s been over a year since I've seen her. I last saw her just a week after my wife had passed. I want to see her but I think it's going to be a difficult time . I have told her about Carla she's going to get to meet Carla, she tells me she wants the best for me and that I would find someone but none the less this is going to be intense. I hope it's not too difficult for my mother-in-law to see me with Carla . To see Carla in our home. I kind of got all the same fears that I had with my children meeting Carla that I do with my mother-in-law meeting her. It turned out okay with my kids so hopefully it'll turn out okay with my mother-in-law . Autocharge (moving forward “new normal”)
  5. Crossing the Bridge, Moving into a Relationship IV Carla has now moved a few of her overnight things into my bathroom. I see the logic in the reason for doing so (convenience) but at the same time I have my hesitation, Is this the first step of having someone move in ? I see Carla just about every night anyways whether she stays or not. I guess I should let this go for a while and see where it goes. I am very comfortable with Carla I've got no problems with her just don't know if I can ever have the same type of commitment that I had with my wife a “Forever”. Is it possible to develop those deep feelings again “ Love”. 4Hdad Seems to have been able to . I truly envy him . Most likely I'm just scared to develop those emotional ties again. Autocharge (moving forward “new normal”)
  6. Moving Her things II I finally made it to the last room in the house, her hobby room. It had her sewing machines her embroidery all the stuff that she took to Sunday school lessons for the kids craft stuff . It had the wrapping paper for Christmas, gift bags ,Birthday cards greeting cards every type of card . It had her unfinished projects, it had the computer that i had set up to work the machines. It is now a guest bedroom “only”. I moved our Queen size bed into the room and bought / built my new king size bed. In an earlier post I had talked about How I had emotional feelings and connections to the headboard that I had attempted to move out of my room before. This time I'm okay with it, is it because I've got a different size bed “king size”, is it because I'm building a custom headboard for it, is it because more time has passed, I don't know . Is it because of Carla? Autocharge (moving forward “new normal”)
  7. Oldbam, There are a couple of long-running threads that span almost a year or more from the” loss” you may want to read these threads: My thread “Autocharge my experience” and a thread by Andy “want to share my experience”. I hope you can find some answers. Autocharge
  8. I was in the Navy In San Diego and like all good Sailors , I went to a country bar and that's where I meet her, 3 months later we were married . Autocharge
  9. Waco Texas east wins again. 2 to 1 in regulation. Autochage
  10. The Beginning I'll always have a wife along with a past life . I'm having to start over in one respect . Trying to build a new relationship, a new life. Can you really take the old life put it into a crystal ball and put it on a shelf? I know we are a sum of our past experiences but when you add up all the days to come, who will we become? Will I be a man of two tails , two lives? Is this an opportunity to reflect on the old me and look forward to the new me, make it what I want? Many years from now when I look back will I have a part A and Part B to my life story? I didn't know how hard part A was going to be. But I did it. I have no idea what part B lays in front of me . from KayC “It is a weird place to be in,” known as “The Beginning “. Autocharge (moving forward “new normal”) PS: Thank you Kayc for Provoking my thought process. “A weird place to be” = “The Beginning”
  11. Waco Okay tonight, Texas West vs Texas East , in the final game of the Little League Regional playoffs it’s an all Texas Championship tonight . Go Texas. Autocharge
  12. Azipod, Your 39 right, your 6 weeks into this, Your mind is going to think of all kinds of things. Their is a lot of good experience on this forum. If you take the time to search it you will most likely find your answers. if not just ask. You mentioned "dating in the future" That is were I'm right now. So take the time to read my thread " Autocharge my experance" I hope it has some answers for you. Autocharge
  13. Waco Games 8 and 9 are over. Texas west moves on to the next round. Go TEXAS!!!! LOL Autocharge
  14. Mrs. Plummer, We are here. We do not judge . Ask , rant, speak your mind. Autocharge
  15. Last night I watched an amazing little league baseball game ,Texas East versus Texas west it went into 7 innings that's an overtime inning it was the longest game in history at the Little League park. Attached is the winning run. Autocharge Texas East vs west game