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  1. I look forward to a time when living minute to minute becomes a distant but important memory...
  2. No one can help... I have four children and so have to function everyday. My husband was my world and my best friend. I am hoping everyday that Ian my husband will give me the strength to get through the day. There's basically at this point in our lives no where to go or be ...but live in a separate world of functionality. .. Sorry for anyone else suffering this constant pain...
  3. I believe there is another place we go. . I do have faith... Faith in my family and friends ... I feel grateful I had Ian in my life. . Even though he left too soon .x
  4. I believe I must be getting my strength from the only person that loved me more than life.. X
  5. Tough day today but felt Ian was with me. . He's keeping me strong x
  6. Thank you for your thoughts and honesty about your beliefs. I have four children but Ian was my world. I feel for you as you did not have the opportunities Ian and I had to create our wonderful family. And I realise I should feel a lucky woman and appreciate other people have much worse situations. I do believe Ian us around me and that was a promise he made.... that if it was possible he'd find his way back. We had a marvellous life together with our family. ..# banter squad... as we called ourselves. My job now is to look after my family. .. Maybe yours is to live your life to the fullest as I'm sure your special lady would want you too... Lovely to converse with you.. You sound a genuinely lovely guy.
  7. Thank you... This is the worst for me. .. falling asleep and them waking up and forgetting for an instant my world has broken...
  8. I look for signs I'm doing what ian would want. .. I'm possibly just loosing my mind...
  9. Ian was an inspiration to me... got me through a lot of tough times over the years... the only consolation I take us that he was getting me ready ... prepared.. Ian will be with a little daughter we lost at 20 weeks and will also be looking after his nephew my brother lost at 3 days old... I have to believe there's a purpose.. Plus I promised ian that their will be a row when I get up there as he left too soon...
  10. Thank you to all that have responded to me.. Kindness from strangers is easier. As I find I am consoling others for their loss of this special man. .. which I totally understand and I cam be strong but inside I feel like every cell us convulsing with pain. I also would like to say I'm sorry for all your individual losses as you would wish this pain on your worst enemy. In suppose all we can do is realise it is what it is and find ways to accept and appreciate the small things that might catch us off guard and make us smile. Sincere best wishes to you all.
  11. When my husband was told he would not survive... He simply said it is what it is... No anger, no bitterness, no why me.. He just took his finally opportunity to speak to us all individually with his hopes and wishes for us for the future. There were near 700 at his funeral as Ian was the most amazing husband, dad, brother, uncle and friend. I feel honored to have had 20 wonderful years with my man. But now my world is broken but I will not let you down Ian.. The children will be ok... Please stay close like you promised Your C x
  12. Not going to lie.. Didn't read your whole post but if your suffering like I am... I send you love x
  13. I've lost my best friend. . My security blanket. . Where does anyone go from here ....