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  1. I understand just how you feel. I lost my 34 year old little brother who I helped raise, 10 weeks ago. I feel like people mutter platitudes but dont want to hear it and like I need to push this bubbling of emotion back down inside me for everyone around me. There are no words but I understand and we are either both normal...or not. I was the one to have to phone my parents and tell them. That call is burned into my mind.
  2. I find myself trawling the internet for words of comfort. My little brother died between Christmas and the 27th december. He was meant to be with us and I was angry when he didn't come or contact me. He was dead. While we celebrated, he was dead or dying. And I was mad at him. The cause of death was coronary artherosclerosis but we dont know what happened because he was alone. His housemate found him on the 27th and attempted resuscitation but it was too late. I have lots of support but feel that people around me now expect me to be coping and not crying every day and struggling this much. I dont know how to be. I want to be happy but I feel guilty and at the same time I dont want the pain to go away. I worry that he suffered. That we never got to tell him how much we loved him. That he doeant exist anymore..... all of that and so much more