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  1. Dreams

    There are no words Andy for what you just said. You took my thoughts and wrote them beautifully. I can't thank you enough for encouraging me. Thank you so much. Love and hugs mrsviden
  2. Dreams

    I'm sorry to hear of your pain and struggling. I too can relate to your OCD and anxiety and I sympathize with you.
  3. Dreams

    Thank you KMB, I hope you are doing well.
  4. Dreams

    Andy, I long to hear my husbands voice again just to tell me it's ok, he's ok, and he's watching over me. These past couple weeks have been incredibly hard, I've found that I'm crying more than ever and that this is real life and my husband is gone from this world. It's hard when you've had him a phone call away for the last 12 years and then suddenly you don't. There's simply no other way to put it other than I'm absolutely heartbroken, as are the rest of us on this site. Im so dead set on it I don't receive visitation through a dream, or other signs is my husband doesn't love me on the other side, then that's when I question myself. I think just like everything else I have a picture in my head on how the movies portray losing a spouse and that's receiving signs all the time. That's wrong of me to do I know but I just want something, anything to let me know my husband is with me and sadly the only thing that can is trusting in my own heart and believing he is.
  5. Dreams

    Thanks KMB, it's just been a rough couple of weeks.
  6. Dreams

    It sucks that all we are left with are memories of our love and the signs they show us. I wish I could somehow turn my mind off and for once just try to catch my breath from all this worrying.
  7. Dreams

    Do dreams really mean anything? I had a dream last night about my husband, but it was back when we first started dating and I kept trying to call him and he wouldn't pick up the phone. So I sent him a text asking if he would deliver the fridge for me, and he did but while I was gone. Then I tried calling to thank him and he still wouldn't answer. Then it took me back to when I would go over to his house sit on the steps and we would talk. Its just a really weird dream, but by my husband not picking up the phone does that mean he isn't listening to me/doesn't want to talk to me? I know it sounds stupid, but I just don't know what else to think.
  8. Joe...

    I am pleased to hear you had a good experience at the car place, I hope you are doing well today.
  9. Joe...

    My husbands headstone came in today, and it was wrong, the vase wasn't on there. Everything I wanted on there wasn't and it was just ruined. As if waiting for you husbands headstone is something to look forward to...it's the last thing I had to take care of, and to see his name on there it made it all so final, and real. Yet somehow I still was begging and screaming to get me out of this awful nightmare.
  10. Joe...

    Andy, ive had similar experiences as you have, where I am with my husband but then again I already know he's gone. I'm sorry you have had to relive that all over again. On a rare occasion I'll have a pleasant dream about my husband but it's very difficult for me to remember everything that happened in it. I wish we could go back and rewind and live the good dreams over again. It helps seeing his smiling face and hearing his laugh...
  11. Joe...

    KayC many prayers sent your way. I can totally relate to feeling so vulnerable and anxious as I feel that often. I can give you the advice you gave me and try not to heed too much on the nightmare and the not so good feelings you are having about this mechanic shop. And you have your sweet husbands spirit protecting you, he won't let anything bad happen. Hugs...
  12. Joe...

    I hate to hear you have them as well, they just feel so real and it's scary to think you can't escape it until you wake up and realize it's just a nightmare. I hate these things. All is well again, and I don't feel so scared anymore. Thanks guys
  13. Joe...

    I did just that I sat up for a minute and tried some breathing exercises. I was just really scared and I didn't know what else to do. Normally I would wake Joe up and he would hold me and tell me it would be ok. Thanks KayC
  14. Joe...

    Someone please help me. I keep having this dream of someone from my husbands family who knows he has passed killing me. First they come up to the door and start kicking it the next they go around to all my windows and push them in and then try to climb in. I'm running away and they catch up to me and I'm screaming and begging for help and no one is answering or coming to help me. I always wake up from this dream and I'm drenched in sweat and my heart is racing.
  15. Joe...

    I'm not sure if you were talking to me, but if you were you are so welcome. I'm thankful to have an influence on someone going through the same thing as myself. I look up and respect so many people on here and I can only hope one day I'll be able to help someone as you all have helped me. Really missing my man... hugs and love mrsviden