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  1. loss of my 16 years old son

    We are just doing... day by day.. that's all we can do... Sorry to hear about the newbies,,, this is one club that no one should have to be in... So SORRY for everyone's lose. I know it's the worst day of anyone's life. p.s the poem is sooo TRUE and sad
  2. loss of my 16 years old son

    He was 16, and yes it was accidental. he as his 2 friends were thirsty, went into this woman's refrigerator, got a bottle out that he thought was a "kiddie drink" inside, but had this drug addicts methadone mixed in, and died from affixation.
  3. loss of my 16 years old son

    Well we went away this year for xmas and new year. (wife and I) we could not stay home, so that's how we got thru... 1 year today....... no tips, just I go to work and that help takes my mind of this ****.... our counselor time was up and he moved to another location, so no, we have been in counselling since Thanksgiving.... The DA will prosecute the bitch who had the methadone in the refrig , so we are just awaiting on the court date. it wont bring him back, but at least his death wont go unanswered for. so time keeps going.... but he is always there.....LOVE YOU SON!!!!!
  4. loss of my 16 years old son

    1 Year already... **** ..... I see the blog has grown, I am so sorry with all the new comers. this is one group ( blog) no one should have too be in, I an sorry for everyone's loss, I know it fucking sucks....... but yes today is Saturday, 27 January 2018... 1 year ago on Friday, 27 Jan 2017, was the last time I saw my son alive.... The pain is still there, it will always be there, But I know we will all be together, some where one day. I Miss and Love you Son. :-(
  5. loss of my 16 years old son

    Thank you Hibson33 for your condolences. Yes it HURTS everyday :-( . and you are correct, really there is nothing in this world that console me or my wife and daughter. really, I would not wish this on anyone. Here on this planet, this space in time, that we are all sharing, this is the worst of the worst that can happen to anyone, I would rather be a bum living on the streets than go thru this pain.
  6. loss of my 16 years old son

    Very SAD Day today, Cried driving into work this morning, 6 months since he left us.... I wished no one had to go through what we are all going through MISS U SON!! <3
  7. loss of my 16 years old son

    In 2 days and it will be 6 months, 26 weeks this coming Saturday.... Life is unfair. Wish you were here my Son, I gladly take your place... I LOVE You!
  8. loss of my 16 years old son

    23 weeks today :-( LOVE YOU MY SON!! MISS YOU DEARLY!!!!!
  9. loss of my 16 years old son

    Shorty16, MikeP Thank you for your words. God Bless you and yours as well. Again, Wish no one of us had to be here in these situations... Sad Days
  10. 12 days ago

    Again I am so Sorry for your loss.
  11. loss of my 16 years old son

    Mermaid Tears, Cathy& Tommy's mum, Again Thank you for your thoughts and words. yes talking to our counselor does help, but..... Again Sorry for everyone loss here, No one should have to go through this ****. 21 weeks on Saturday..........I Miss him SO!! Today he would have basically graduated from high school. :-(
  12. loss of my 16 years old son

    I am an American, but Live and work in Germany.. We thought Germany would be a safer place to raise children.... Guess we were wrong. Drugs and Drug users are even in small towns here in Germany too.
  13. loss of my 16 years old son

    Mike P Thank you for your thoughts from both of us. yes we did think it would be safer here, turn out we were wrong...:-( This coming Friday (23 June), our Son would have his Abschluss from school (10th grade). He was planning to continue to go for his abi. (11-13 grade) . 20 weeks have past now.... GOD DO I MISS HIM!!!!!!!!! he would be so HAPPY right now, with an extra 2 weeks of (school) summer vacation too.
  14. loss of my 16 years old son

    Still Hurts :-( (19 weeks), or 133 days or 3192 hours
  15. Loss of an Adult Child

    Nick's mom I think you are not a terrible mother or grandmother.