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  1. Hugs. I want you to know that I'm thinking about you. I don't have advice and I don't know that you are really even asking for any. I'm guessing your parents are in shock, as you are too I'm sure. I want you to know that you are thought of and this site is a great support. I'd also try talking with a friend or another loved one if you feel comfortable with it.
  2. My guy and I were planning a life together. Had been together 2 years. We hadn't gotten around to getting married but had numerous talks about it. It hadn't been incredibly important to get married because, like you said, it's just a piece of paper. There wasn't a rush. Don't let anyone undervalue your relationship just because you didn't sign a paper. I'm struggling with this kind of thinking from his family. I was living with him and his kids. I wanted to adopt them when we got married, his family knows this. But, since he died, it's like I'm not family because we weren't married. I guess try to remember what you both had. It's hard when people try to devalue your relationship with your soulmate. I'm not sure people do it intentionally. Doesn't make it hurt any less though.
  3. I so appreciate you writing this down. My boyfriend was just in a car accident and I'm just not sure I will ever "get over it". People keep saying I will find someone else and it pisses me off. Even if I do find someone else, I will continue loving him. I was 23 and he was 38 when we met. We were together for 2 years and had discussed getting married and having a child when we were more financially stable. He had two children from a previous marriage and I love them like they were my own. Im worried that if I find someone: 1)the kids will think I didn't love their dad. 2)they aren't important to me anymore 3) that I would be replacing the love of my life.
  4. MI can relate to the wanting to scream at people for telling you to move on. I just lost my boyfriend, the love of my life, in a car accident. His own mother took me aside 3 days after the accident and told me "honey, you are only 25. He would want you to be happy. Someday you will meet a man and have babies and you'll have a great life. I'm sorry my son can't be any of that for you now." It's not fair for people to be telling you those kinda of things. You love them and you don't just "get over it". I'm still hoping things won't be so painful someday but we don't get over it. I want to punch most people in the face most days. Just know you aren't alone in that