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  1. Lost my new wife

    Hi Perfalon I'm so sorry for your loss, it’s tough. I lost my husband to cancer within a short time after he was diagnosed. He passed away last December and coming a year, even till now. I’m still missing him and definitely don’t look forward to the festive holidays. Just a few months ago, I finally realized he’s never ever coming back. It’s not easy, grief hits us like a wave some days ok and some days not. You are the right place, everyone here is very supportive and ready to listen to you. Hugs to you. Please take care. Sylvia
  2. 1 Year Anniversary

    Hi 4HDad I share the joy and happiness for you that you are getting on with your life and the family are moving on. It's almost 9 months since the passing of my husband and I have finally accepted that he's gone and his memory stays within me. Recently, I met someone whose wife passed away six years ago, he helped me to see there's life ahead instead of counting the number of days or months since the passing of my late husband. I'm starting to feel happy and like you said, the future is mine to make. I want to wish you all happiness and have a good life ahead. Sylvia
  3. Holiday Decorations

    My husband passed away on 8 December 2016 and I just bought a christmas tree as he requested. Our kids came home just before he passed away and we decided to put up the tree as he wanted. Christmas meant a big deal in our family especially for my husband. Christmas past and followed by New Year, was tough. This year, will be Kevin's first anniversary and we will put the tree in memory of him like he always wanted.
  4. Insensitive

    Hi Reader So sorry for your loss. Thank you for your kind thoughts, words and prayers. The last few days have been tough as Kevin's birthday is next Saturday and Sunday is Father's Day. This is first birthday and Father's Day without him. My kids will still celebrate the two days but with heavy hearts. My daughter (27 years old) has been badly affected with the loss too. She's been depressed and she has seen a couple therapist without any success. I'm grieving myself and at the same time worried for her. I'm feeling so helpless that I can't be much help to her. It's been a very difficult and painful time for us. Sylvia
  5. Insensitive

    Hi Modkonnie, thank you for your reply. I felt better to know I'm not over-reacting and there are people there for me. I wish that I have the courage to tell her but I will slowly draw away from her. Sylvia
  6. Insensitive

    Yesterday was Kevin's 6th month since his passing, each nearer the 8th, I'll just go downhill. I'm visiting and staying at a close friend's place, our husbands are best friends as well. Last evening, she was bragging and praising her husband and children all night, I just can't take it and I was crying in my heart. I know she doesn't mean but I thought to myself how insensitive of her and why is she telling me all these. I'm leaving next Friday and thinking of leaving earlier as I can't stay anymore bragging. Kevin's birthday is next weekend and it's Father's Day. Please tell me, am I overreacting?
  7. I'm not sure hwo to go on

    Dear cp9042, it's like a wave...high and low. My husband passed away last December and especially nearer the date of his passing I just cry even at the slightest thing that reminds me of him. Cry as much as you want. I got a lot of consolations reading this site knowing I'm not alone. Continue to share how you feel, everyone here are my counselors. Lots of hugs to you.
  8. Depressed

    Mrsviden, I'm with you as my husband, Kevin too passed away on the 8th last December. I'm just going crazy especially each month nearer the 8th. I tried to move on day to day and some days are tougher. I learned to shut my ears from people who tell me to move on or it's not healthy to feel this way. Seriously, who are they to tell me when they have not been through what grieving is or missing our soulmate, the loneliness and the darkest moments. Mrsviden, I share your feelings and hugs to you. Sylvia
  9. Oops...they will never understand the feelings
  10. I lost my husband to cancer about 3 months ago, missing him every single day. I talked to very few people too as none has lost their spouse, they will never understand the feelings and pain I am going through.
  11. Morning blues

    Hi I'm new, so glad I found this site. My husband passed away early December 2016 after fighting against 5 months from cancer. Geez, I hate this word!!! Up till now, I am still crying. My husband of 15 years are just starting to retire and we have just started traveling since two years ago. Now he's gone and I'm all alone, our kids are working overseas and they came back when my husband was ill and now they are back to work. Just like KayC, nights, weekends and holidays are the hardest. I tried to keep myself occupied but once home, I just can't help crying. I still keep all my husband's things where they are as I can't bear to get rid of them. Every time when I cry, I go to his wardrobe and hug his clothes. The last few days have been rough for me. I'm not able to sleep as well. It's not getting better.