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    Loss of Youngest Son at the age of 23 unexceptly on Christmas morning
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  1. Thank you,
  2. It's was Tyler birthday yesterday! He would of been 24!! I had so many plans and actually his brother and I decided to do nothing! I'm not sure if that's was right or wrong! But, nevertheless it how we did it. I had a fiend tell me the other day that once a person is gone there is no more birthday but, just the day that they were born! Hmm.... I have to think about that one. It's so hard to sleep! I just keep going over and over things on in my mind.
  3. Thank you, Tyler'sMom
  4. Thank you, how to join "The loss of Adult Child" forum? Thank you, Tyler'Mom
  5. Not sure if I'm doing this right, but I have read a lot of the posting here and I see that I'm not alone. I loss my youngest son on Christmas morning at the tender age of 23, unexceptly. Cause of death is still pending. It's so hard why him and not me!! He such a great kid with his whole future ahead of him! He was so happy to finishes this semester and was looking forward to his new job working with union to make work conditions better. He had been working nights for the past 5 years and this would of been his first "day job". Not sure if or how to do this! It was always just the 3 of us, me and my 2 sons! Now, he gone! His birthday is this Sunday and I don't know what to do!! I don't want to be here anymore!! It hurts so much!! Tyler'sMom