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  1. Loss of an Adult Child

    My dad sadly passed away in hospice December 29th... he went there the day he died. I stayed with him till he took his last breath. It happened quite quickly from diagnosis to passing away. Thank you all for your love and support
  2. Loss of an Adult Child

    Hi there... i know I haven’t been here for a bit. So... my dad has stage 4 lung cancer. He is terminal and this has all happened from diagnosis December 22. They found a massive tumour in his lung and lesions on the liver and cancer in the bones and spine. That cancer ... it is very aggressive and fast! It’s been tough ... losing Skylar last year flattened me... losing my father....!!!!! he isn’t himself... he’s in acute care ward and so different..it’s sad! My dilemma is our daughter is here from university until January 8th and we were supppsed to go home tomorrow... I don’t think he will make it. I want to stay to support my mother (she has waldonstoms... a type of lymphoma) and she needs support and help. I know my dad is beyond treatment ... within hours how someone can decline! what do I do? I feel I need to be here for my mom and be with my dad while I can... but others make me feel guilty because our daughter is here from university and I should be spending time with her? wow... life and it’s curveballs!!! Enough already A cute picture of my dad with Skylar... btw... when my dad found out I was pregnant with Skylar ...he stopped smoking!!!! He is 80
  3. Loss of an Adult Child

    Thank you for all the kind words. All of you are very special. Boy when those days come they come pretty hard ... I guess it’s only been 18 months
  4. Loss of an Adult Child

    I’m having a tough day. I have to go through Skylar’s medical records for his abnormal ecg’s. It’s so hard. I still cannot believe he’s gone...
  5. Loss of an Adult Child

    Okay let me rephrase that ... ericasmom ... she’s just great!!!!
  6. Loss of an Adult Child

    Ericasmom... for some reason .:. I just think are so awesome. Loop fitness and Pilates is my company .. I am doing my best to keep it going. I am worried about our last child ... our daughter... she had a holter moniter..it came back with abnormal beats. I can’t lose my daughter.... I know they are doing the best they can to expedite genetic testing...
  7. Loss of an Adult Child

    Remembering today and EVERYDAY everyone that has sacrificed for our life ...
  8. Loss of an Adult Child

    Funny how doctors have such control ...
  9. Loss of an Adult Child

    He hit Skylar
  10. Loss of an Adult Child

    I am reporting one of Skylar’s doctors to the college of Physicians and surgeons...it takes a lot of courage.. but I have to do it for Skylar
  11. Loss of an Adult Child

  12. Loss of an Adult Child

    I've been there..I've been in the hospital...I didn't think I can go on without Skylar. Skylar was the love of my life...but...I have another love too ...my daughter summer and I KNOW she would be devastated without her mother. Losing Skylar was so hard on her I can't imagine losing a parent in addition to that. I've questioned MANY things since his passing ...friendships especially! Sadly the true friends you thought would be there became absent ...family members distant...strange because those are the ones you need the most which drives you down further into that hole. I'm pretty sure Skylar is so busy up there...but he knows to give me a sign. Sometimes you just have to look for it ...sometimes it's very inconspicuous ...don't they know we don't have 100% capacity of our brain ...lol regardless if your child is a heavenly child they are still your child...they still love you and they are still looking out for you. I believe that!
  13. Loss of an Adult Child

    Omg....that song..how to save a life...it's my daughters favourite song. It's a beautiful song...with heartfelt lyrics.
  14. Loss of an Adult Child

    My husband is out of town and I told him...his response was "why do those things happen when I'm not around?" Dave is a lot more conservative that way...funny the day before Skylar passed away he said that my husband and sister were "squares" and he and myself think outside the box. Yes...I was open to the sign and received it. Today there is a bit of an aftershock...was he trying to get through to me for a reason? Or just say he's around?