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  1. whirlwind of emotions

    Ok so when i was 19 i went throught the sudden death of my dad he died of a heart attack in his sleep in hospital i remember going to the hospital expecting to be able to talk to him but when me and my family got ter he was already dying my whole life turned upside down after this i had a little boy who was six months at the time and i can honestly say if he was not there god knows where i would have ended up..my dad was the family rock in every single way.. It hit us all so so bad i spirraled into a massive state of depression my family started falling apart it was soo soo hard everyday got a little bit harder but easier at the same time if that makes sence.? It toke me a long five years to except the fact i wouldn see him again and at this point i could think of him and smile.. Life started to feel somewhat normal again.. Then in august last year my beautiful mother fell sick she was in hospital for 2 short weeks in this time we found out she had stage 4 nsclc and it was to advance for treatment me and one of my siblings went up to hospital everyday day for 2weeks we watched her what the cancer did in that short space of time at the final stage me and all my siblings where in the room with are mother we never left her side it was the most heartbreaking confussing emotional situation i have ever gone tru.. One of my brother was beside he wen she toke her last breath..to be honest i did not what to be there for that anytjing but that.. The weeks following after i went absolutly mad in every way possible i was staying in my mams house after she passed away i saw her in the house as clear as say moping the floors dancing around to her fsvourite country music.. I felt her near me for a few short days and like that she was completly gone.the emotions i feel are unreal.. The angry i cannot put into words.. I feel like a ticking time bomb at any minute fit to explode.. I feel nothing only jealous when i see my partner with his parents and to be honest i feel like im pushed so far away for life i dont even care anymore.. I wake up every day feeling depressed i try so hard to smile but to me i find it hard to find things to smile about.. Im at the stage where if i see someone with there parents i feel sorry for them because i no someday they will go through this hurt and pain and finaly understand what been lost in every possible way feels like