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  1. Horrible accident

    Thank you for your kind words have a mutual friend who is going to be there, Mainly because if she is angry and wants me to leave i know she isnt alone. She has just come home from a funeral, she struggles with being a single working mum, she has depression and ive been trying to help her through and now ive added to her pain. I am hoping in time she will maybe not forgive me but see that I wouldnt want to hurt her like that and that i am truly sorry. thank you so much xxx
  2. Horrible accident

    Hi I posted here because I dont know what else to do. I was looking after my friends dog, she had to go to funeral out of our area and he was supposed to go to kennels, that all changed last min due to him not having his vacinations, he is a rescue dog and she is his foster mom, he is great with people just reactive to other dogs and his lead. He had been here 4 days and he was being so good walking well and being a good boy in general, myself and hubby had bought him some toys to play with and id been very naughty and let him have cooked macaroni cheese. Due to my dog being a dominant small girl, I had moved her to my mums and she had played up as she missed me. I went out to sort my dog out as she had kept my mum up the night before and left him with my hubby, i new he would be fine as hed taken a real shine to him, hubby went to put rubbish out and hadnt shut inside door properly and doggy bolted out jumped 2 walls and took off down street, my hubby chased him for half a mile and was no more than 2 feet away from him when a group of people came out of their house, he took off again and was instantly hit by a car and killed, my hubby could only cry, I came and got him and arranged to get doggy to vets and off the street. Tonight I have to tell my friend...She only arrives home today..Im not sure I can even begin to explain to her how sorry I am not because Ive killed her dog but broken my promise that he would be safe with me. Ive gone over the what ifs and if onlys cried sobbed not slept or eaten, my husband couldnt speak for 2 days. Ive been to the vets to see him as I wanted to tell him I was sorry and to give him a toy so he wasnt on his own down there. I feel like the worst person on this planet. Ive got to keep myself together as need to be strong for my friend, she has enough to deal with and ive made everything so much worse. Not to mention the poor car driver and everyone else who helped us. Im desperatly trying to find someone who can be there in case she never wants to set eyes on me again, as i dont want to leave her on her own. I dont know what to say Words just dont do it please help me xxxxxxx I havent used his name as until ive told her doesnt feel right to mention him xxx