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  1. At the age of 7 my dad died.

    Hi, Firstly i am so sorry about the loss of your dad. I also lost my dad and fully understand the pain and the grief that you must be feeling. Holding on to the good memories and happy times that you shared with your dad is so, so important. I too turned to blaming God for taking my dad from me. I stopped attending church and stopped praying. I have realised though, that doesn't achieve anything. I am starting to appreciate the time that i got to share with my dad and realise how lucky i was to share such an amazing 16 years with him. You were his little girl and nobody can take that away from you. I have suffered a lot of anxiety since my dad died, and depression as well, even turning to self harm to try and cope. But when i finally got help and sought counselling i started to make sense of my thoughts and found that talking about things actually really does help (as cliche as it may sound). Honestly the best thing you can do, is to firstly, let yourself grieve in your own your way. You have have right to be angry, sad, frustrated, depressed, scared, its totally okay. If you need to cry, shout, scream whatever, you are entitled to do so. By accepting the fact you need help and by reaching out you are very much taking the right steps to progress. I found that once i opened up about how i was feeling i started to feel a little better. Talking to you doctor, or a therapist or counsellor can be really beneficial and they can offer you the right help and support that you need to start coming to terms with what has happened and help you find good coping techniques that work for you. Best wishes to you and your family. Message me any time if you want to.
  2. I lost my dad back in May 2016 after a long three year battle with cancer. While I knew death would always be the outcome, nothing in this world could have prepared me for the pain I would feel when he left. I miss him more every day and my life just isn't the same without him. For a while, I was in denial about the whole thing, everybody thought I was coping really well but really I just refused to believe that he had actually died and continued to live as though nothing had happened. However, it is now starting to hit me that my dad has actually gone and I will never see, hear, hug him again and that genuinely breaks me. I am starting to struggle to cope and I don't know what to do as i start to come to terms with what has happened. Recently I have been having lots of physical symptoms like headaches, nausea, sickness, aching, dizziness and I am constantly exhausted. Could this be caused by the grief? I don't really know what to do next and haven't been able to bring myself to seek real help. I'm only 16 and am struggling at school as I just cant concentrate on anything any more. I want to get help but I'm scared. It's hard that everyone around me has just been able to get on and live their lives but mine has just come crashing down before me. I just want my dad back.